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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There's a Snake in my Boot

Back in the saddle w/ the first real episode of Top Chef!

For the Quickfire, the cheftestants had to prepare a dish using rattlesnake. Hm, no sir! Rattlesnake sounds so unappetizing. And thankfully, the snakes were already dead & I was spared watching the cheftestants bash in rattlesnake brains. Sucking it hardcore were Paul's non-existent snake peach BBQ boringness, Richie's overly jerked snake & Nyesha's chewy snake poo. Winning the Quickfire and immunity was Dakota's beer battered tempura. I'm kinda digging the tattooed lady that is Dakota.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants were split into two teams (GRR! ARGH!) to cater a quincenera for a very sweet 15 y/o girl. She got peppered w/ questions: so far, so good for the cheftestants. Then it all went to shit for the Pink Team! First, Keith decided it would be far more economical to buy pre-cooked shrimp.........ummmm, what? Not so much. Then nothing but packaged tortillas as far the eye could see. Really?! In a cooking competition? Disappointing! Needless to say they lost to the Green Team, though no cheftestant was singled out for being a super duper winner. And packing it up was Keith and his completely soggy enchiladas.

I wish Blanca the 15 y/o would be a judge every week, Hugh A. gives me the creeps!


Jon in Albany said...

Hugh A. has some very strange facial expressions.

I thought the same with the tortillas, but given their time constraints and 150 people...that's a lot of tortillas to make. I can sympathize with taking the easy route there.

I also didn't like that a chef could have gone home for a bad wedding size cake. Not being able to make a dessert is one thing. Not being able to make show cake is another and not something I think a Top Chef should be able to do.

I hope every challenge does not become about Texas. And maybe they will let the chefs stand or fall on their own someday.

phairhead said...

Jon: I agree about the dessert factor!

SB & I think Hugh A is a serial killer :O

I really liked this challenge actually (aside from the group aspect of it) because it shows how unique Mexican cuisine truly is, not all spicy & tacos.