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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Two Headed Baby is Alive

Last Friday, SexyBeast & I went to the Altamont Fair. I haven't been since I was about 19 and heavily under the influence.

I used to love the fair.....the flip flop in my tummy when I got on a scary ride, eating hot dogs w/ peppers & onions, trying to win awesome posters of Duran Duran.....and later on pics of Sebastian Bach from Skid Row.

There was mud everywhere.

We skipped all the stupid crafts & smelly barn animals & went straight to the food vendors.

Hee hee! Aunt Flo's! SB & I were curious about the fried Kool Aid but we both came to the conclusion that some things should never be fried. That delightful pile of powdered sugar dough yummyness is Red Velvet Funnel Cake. Tasty but there was nothing red velvet about this dessert....pure red dye #5 babies! SB contented himself w/ fried Oreos "hmmm mmmhhmmm soft n' melty"

One important fact I learned is 38C's & ride harnesses do not mix. I thought my boobs were going to be flat for the rest of my life. Rest assured everything is fine in Hooterville.

I didn't quite recapture my youth but it was a damn fine time.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

The barn animals are the best part, aside from the carnie freaks who operate the rides.

GADAFINY said...

great story keep up the good work

phairhead said...

Dr. Monkey: the chickens and the goats were too stinky for me.......I did consider peeking into the freak tent but it cost extra....yes I'm cheap :-)

Gadafiny: thanks!

Greg said...

ive heard the deep fried kool aid is actually good!

phairhead said...

Greg: perhaps but we were too cheap to purchase any....the fair is expensive!

Greg said...

i hear ya - im too cheap to go at all. maybe home made deep fried kool aid is in order.

phairhead said...

Greg: oh! Let me know how it comes out :-)