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Monday, August 11, 2008

Zombie: Eat Flesh!

Well my friends, it's only the second full week of August and I'm already booking stuff in September. This weekend my sexy beast and I took full advantage of not doing anything at all. Our weekend was basically 2 1/2 days of a Seinfeld episode, it was fun but nothing really happened.

In our quest of becoming artfully lazy, we watched aprox. 30 movies back to back. My sexy beast is a bit of a horror geek so I soaked in the brilliance of Dawn of the Dead. People, this is a beauty. The basic plot is zombies take over the world and 4 humans take refuge in a shopping center. Not only does this mall have a gun store and a helicopter pad but an ice skating rink! Plus the usual melange of exploding heads and limbs getting devoured.

But what director George A. Romero was really doing was making a clever comment about consumer consumption and the way the human race eats itself.

Good stuff. *Viewer advisory: do not watch on a full stomach*


Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...
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Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...

Didn't know you had it in you to stomach "Dawn of the Dead."
I heard an interview with Romero speaking a lot about the isolation of it all as well. Meaning, that despite the fact that there are billions on the planet, we are more lonely than we let on.
p.s. I do hope we're talking about the original "Dawn" not the re-make.

Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...

Sorry about the "delete," Had some typos. :)

Lydia said...

I hate zombie movies!! Zombies are so darn boring. of course my hubby LOVES all the george romero movies. He thinks zombies are fun to watch. I just say they're the least exciting of all the scary movie monster/villains. Yet one more thing we disagree on.