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Monday, August 4, 2008

Ms. Green Jeans

UGH! I have been stress eating from my job. So I decided to put down the fork and use retail therapy instead. My mood somewhat abated when I saved 15 bucks at The Body Shop.

I adore the Body Shop, the sights, the smells, the deals, the fact that they donate large sums of money to worthy causes, like AIDS and breast cancer research, animal rights and anti- violence against women groups.

Being in the mopey mood that I was, I let the salesgirl talk me into lots o' different things I didn't realize I needed. Honestly, I only went in there for my 20% off towards shampoo, conditioner and powdered makeup. But to earn more points on my Love Yr Body membership card, I needed to purchase more stuff. Like Hemp Hand Conditioner, it makes yr hands feel like in they are in velvet gloves, Juicy Peach Hi-Shine Lip Treatment, now my lips are shiny, soft and taste like Snapple Pea Ice Tea (good for smooching!) and Tea Tree Oil Deep Cleansing Wipes, I am lazy, they named the lazy Susan after me, when I get ready for bed I don't feel like tying up my hair, running the water and manually washing my face. Thanks to The Body Shop, I can clean my face in quick swipe with a wipe.

My advice: go now, lots of summer promotions!

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