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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunny Day

In order to combat my crippling seasonal depression, I've starting taking over the counter Vitamin D.

So far so good, no side effect & I don't feel like going into a coma nor slamming people's faces into belt sanders.


Sophia Walker said...

For treating depression I can't recommend exercise strongly enough.

When I'm done with even a minor workout I feel so proud of myself I want to run up to strangers, slap them in the face, and then run away giggling like a crazy person.

phairhead said...

SW: I go to "boot camp" 2x/week, power wall the rest of the time...maybe I should try slapping total strangers, that sounds like more fun

PorkStar said...

Vitamin D is a good idea. Exercise is good too, but in some cases, i cant shake off the funk after a work out.

phairhead said...

porky: yr very a good way