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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What the Hell am I on about?

I was thinking about this blog. Remember when I used to write about cool stuff? Now I feel like a hack. Fucking hate this time of year!

So a few weeks ago, SB & I went to Stowe, VT. I'm not a skier & for the nearly 7 years that I lived in New England, I never went to Stowe.

We stayed at a cute little A frame w/ some friends that work for the Lake Champlain ferry company. It smelled like mould and looked like it hadn't been decorated since it was built in 1973.

So, the main purpose of journeying to the Green Mountain state was to watch a few of our knuckle headed friends jump into the freezing cold Lake Champlain. My initial thought was "The hell? Why" but after watching groups of people (little kids, fat dudes, etc.) run head first in a frozen lake, I noticed the looks of triumph on their bright red faces. It looked so liberating and fun! So next year, yours truly will be gathering donations and participating in "The Penguin Plunge".

The other highlight of my journey was stopping in at tiny coffee shop. Truly a one woman operation. It's nice to see a small business drive out Dunkin' Donuts! One of the specialities of the house is a "Dirty Chai", an awesome regular chai w/ a shot of espresso in it. Divine!

And speaking of hot drinks, we popped into Lake Champlain Chocolates. So overpriced!!! They could learn a thing or two from Lindt. But I digress. They have a concoction sold there called "Chai & Mighty", a mixture of chai and Mexican hot chocolate. Mix it in w/ some hot milk & a shot of Bailey's and yr in for a treat, my friend.

Maybe my awesomeness will come back soon...

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