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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nice Weiner

Top Model recap fabulous!

The hamsters got branded! And I wish I was talking about hot irons on asses but alas, hamsters learned how to make themselves into a commodity. Kayla wanted to represent the queer ladies but no the branding "expert" claims that label is too "2005". Pack up, lesbians! Yr yesterday's newspapers! Now, Kayla is "free". Um...OK? Angelea is persistent & cheap shoes. Heh! I was thinking more drag queen but I'm just a snarky bitch. Bianca got candid which ended up w/ her being a gigantic bitch-asarus to the rest of the hamsters. Hey, y'all, she's just being "candid"! Any excuse for bad behaviour I guess.

Make over time! And for some reason Ashlee Simpson was lurking around.....EWWW EWW EWW! Do like her hair though. Alexandria got her long blonde locks chopped off, she looks better w/out bangs though. Lots of hair extensions. Lisa got a much needed hair cut but she bitched and moaned the whole time. I hate that skank! Heh, Mr. Jay called her a dowdy housewife and that shut her up. Kayla got red highlights, very cute. Bre had a melt down about going shorter. Oh shush, you ten times better than where you started! She even threatened to leave the show but rest assured she stayed. Whew!

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had pose w/ chili dogs & convey their brand. I didn't like this photo shoot. Too messy & grossly weird. Winning photo was Lisa's incredibly disgusting "daring" photo. Ugh! She's a horrible dresser & here's a tip, CHEW W/ YR MOUTH CLOSED! Lame. And Sheena got the old heave ho. She was not bringing the unexpected...except w/ her never ending supply of jump suits.

Next week: tooch!

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