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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shock me Like an Electric Eel

Last month I posted about the lack of new music in my life 'cause I'm poor. Well, the Amazon gods heard my prayers because SexyBeast's parents gave me an Amazon giftcard for X-mas.

Then an anvil of inspiration smacked me on my cranium. Why go through the hassle of purchasing CD's? Wouldn't it be cheaper to get the MP3's to put right onto my (SexyBeast's) ipod? What can I say, I'm slow to adapting to new technologies.

First to my eager listening ears is the new Stereolab "Chemical Chords". For those of you not in the know, Stereolab is an obscure British band that utilizes lots of Moog synthesisers and most of lyrics are about anarchy, social injustice and pain. All set to a boppy beat and sung in French. I don't speak French. But I have adored Stereolab since 1994. One day I will see them live and then I can die.

Next up is Yeah Yeah Yeah's 2002 release "Fever to Tell". Yes I know I'm late arriving to the party but sometimes I forget how amazingly awesome Yeah Yeah Yeah's are. Karen O's voice is phenomenal. She gives me shivers. Plus it's a great, balls out rockin' record. Maybe 3 years from now I'll get another one of their MP3's : )

And last but certainly not least, "Oracular Spectacular" by MGMT. Holy crap I love love love these guys. WEQX, my local station, played the hell out of their single "Time to Pretend" this past summer. It enveloped me, I was hypnotized. Then I became obsessed with "Electric Feel". I really enjoy singing it at the top of my lungs. The whole album is fantastic and surprisingly all of the songs sound absolutely nothing alike and yet not all over the place and crazy, just experimental. The only drawback, MGMT looks like a bunch of douchebags. The singer dude takes ties or random pieces of fabric and ties them around his head like a 1980's tennis player. DOUCHE!

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, check my post next week. : )

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Declare War

I would just like to apologize for yesterday's post. I'm still trying to get the hang of posting pictures w/in the text of my post. And truthfully, it looks really sucky. Anywhoo, time for Top Chef recap.

For the Quick Fire Challenge, the cheftesants could make whatever they wanted in 30 minutes. The winner will not be receiving immunity anymore but take heart loyal readers, they will be compensated in some way. The guest judge picked his two faves and they will be going head to head in RESTAURANT WARS. MUHAHAHAHAHA! Sucking it were Jeff, whom I HATE (stupid pretty boy), for making a boring salmon and Fabio, cause his dish was all over the place. And winners were Radhika with her cod and veggies in a cream sauce and my homegirl Leah, who served up tempura poisson w/ Asian herbs and spices.

For the Elimination Challenge, Radhika and Leah hand picked their teams. Poor Stefan was last kid picked. The winners were responsible for creating the menu, the look of the restaurant and delegating tasks. Sadly, neither Radhika nor Leah could really get a handle on being The Boss and the more vocal members of their crews walked all over them.

Radhika went w/ a global influenced restaurant she named Sahana, a Sanskrit word meaning strong and powerful. (yr majoring in Sanskrit?! that's a 2000 year old dead language! sorry but I love the movie PCU) Leah went w/ with an Asian theme, Stephen named Sunset Lounge. And it was a close foot race but the diners' comment cards chose Sunset Lounge as the best. Unfortunately, Leah did not perform so hot 'cause she jacked up her fish. And the big winner of the competition was Stefan and his fabulous desserts.

Packing their knives and going was Radhika because she didn't take a firm hand w/ the team and clearly showed to the world she does not want to be front of the house. Ever. Bye, Radhika. I'll miss you : (

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mini Vacay!

MLK weekend SexyBeast and I went to Portsmouth,NH. I found a really great deal for the Fairfield Mariott on, only 60 bucks a night and it was central to everything. Now, I lived in NH for nearly 7 years but never once have gone to Portsmouth. Thank Allah for iphone GPS.

Here's some awesome pictures our the neato throw blanket thingy that decorated our KING size bed. It was more for decoration than warmth. And the 50 stylish kinds of awesome chaise longe and rug. Not only that, we had a copy of the Bible and the Book of Morman. SexyBeast can be seen here reading the words of Joseph Smith.

Then we trucked on over to the Seacoast Museum and lingered on the freezing cold beach to take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Isles of Shoals.

Then the drinking began!!! We checked out the Redhook factory and took a tour and sampled and drank. Oh and we also ate some yummy burgers. All the food at Redhook is prepared with beer. And as a geeky side note, I have officially been to both Redhook factories, the other being near Seattle, WA. Although, Lydia ( and http://www.kiss-and-makeup, and I missed the tour 'cause we were having too much fun at the winery across the road. Check out the heiffeweisen and doppleboch.

We proceeded downtown and low and behold at the snooty tooty kitchen store, they had a wine tasting. SexyBeast purchased a bottle of sparkling Pinot Noir. It was sooooooo tasty. We checked out a few stores, my fave was Marco Polo. A fun and wacky place that sells Paul Frank wallets, penis pasta and ironic magnets. It reminded me of Archie McPhee's. I picked up a pin up girl car freshener and a boat load of postcards. I collect postcards and when I have my house, I can festoon the place w/ my collection.

Then it really freakin' cold, so SexyBeast and I hung out at the Portsmouth Brewery to try and decide where to go for dinner. This time I abstained from any alcoholic beverages. But look at how much fun I had.

Finding a place for dinner was a gigantic pain in the asshole. We waited at The Rosa Restaurant for 45 minutes, watching other people get tables ahead of us. At which point it was nearly 8pm and we were tired and hungry. In the cold dark we found McMenemy's upscale Irish pub. SexyBeast had lobster mac n' cheese. It's like him, rugged and refined. I had lamb strogenoff over pesto ravioli. I'm not sure what says about my personality.

We left the next day in a wicked snow storm after we picked up some cheap booze at one of the many state liquor stores.

This trip met all my expectations and I cannot wait for our week long trip to Acapulco next month. Details to follow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Already?

January is quickly becoming a memory. It's astounding. Time is fleeting. I'm quoting Riff Raff. As per usual, comment, question, enjoy!

1) What is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard? My boyfriend's kooky laugh. It's very distinctive and more importantly, it makes me laugh.

2) If you could stop loving someone, who would it be? Unfair! I have a very small circle of people I love and I would never gave some one up.

3) What is the hardest transition you’ve ever had to make in your life? Moving back in w/ my parents at age 31 after living on my own for nearly a decade. It's still challenging. But it works on some weird level.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. No, I do not want to go snowmobiling!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

E-I-E-I D'oh!

My apologies for the lateness in the Top Chef recap but SexyBeast & I had a Lost party yesterday.

In the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had a surprise. Why, it's Hung, winner of Top Chef season 3! I didn't like his food. I found it to be unsatisfying and snooty, kinda like Hung. Anyways, the chefs had to make a dish using only canned or processed food, and because Hung was a Quick Draw McGraw, they only had 15 minutes to complete this challenge. I had a feeling of deja vu. This was a very similar Quickfire Challenge from season 2 during the Thanksgiving epi. Everything old is new again! Sucking this week were my gal Leah for her waffles, KoolwHip and sausage medley. She fried the waffles. Say what? Leah, get yr head in the game, girl! My other homie, Radhika's red bean dip and toast, not really a dish, more of a snack. And last, and most certainly, least, Jaime for for dumping artichokes and beans on a plate and calling it bruschetta. Winning immunity is Smug Stefan, that I loves a whole bunch, with his baked bean and Spam soup and grilled Spam-wich. Spam Spam Spam Spam! Oops, sorry. Flashback.

for not being able to butcher or tie lamb. There was a lot controversy regarding this decision. Hosea knows how to butcher lamb and didn't step in to help or take over. Leah knew how to tie lamb but didn't fix For the Elimination Challenge, we did a complete 180. The cheftesants were randomly broken into 3 groups of 3 and brought to an organic farm to use the freshest (& most alive) meats and produce to make lunch for the farm hands while still keeping mind the seasonality of the dishes. We have our pigs (Jeff, Radhika and Fabio), our cocks, I mean chickens! (Stefan, Jaime and Carla), and our little lost lambs (Hosea, Leah and Ariane) Big time winners, surpassing everyone, was team chicken. They made a scrumptious roast chicken, chicken cutlets over corn salad, tomato salad, chicken ravioli soup and for dessert a strawberry and nectarine tartlet with lemon/thyme cream. I am huge roast chicken fan, I could eat it once a week. I also love any kind of home made chicken soup. Campbell's sucks! And packing their knives and going home is Ariane for not being able to butcher and tie lamb. There was a lot of controversy regarding this decision. Hosea knew how to butcher lamb but help or offer to take over the lamb. Lean knew how to tie but didn't correct Ariane's mistakes. Personally, I'm glad Ariane is gone. She was too inconsistent.

Next week: Restaurant Wars!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Freeze Tag

I've been tagged by the intelligent and sexy Amorous Rocker at to take part in the honest scrap award. Here are 10 truths about me that have not been mentioned on my blog yet.

1. I was a Girl Scout up until the age of 16 and I freakin' loved it. It was fun, I helped people and I went camping. What's not to love?

2. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes is one of the greatest songs ever written. I heard it at the clinic today while waiting for a client and I totally wanted to start singing at the top of my lungs.

3. I make up little songs about random things throughout the day. For example, I made up a little tune about salami when I was 5. I still sing it when I make a salami sandwich.

4. I re-read the Harry Potter series twice a year. I'm 33 and not ashamed that I read "children's" literature.

5. I've never been to the drive-in.

6. I hate raisins, they are an abomination. However, I love raisin toast. Go figure.

7. I have permanent scars on my legs from numerous shaving accidents. I used really crappy razors for years and years before I finally upgraded.

8. I am ultra competitive with any game. I like winning. I want to win. What's wrong w/ that?

9. I wish that the grade school/middle school I went to would implode like the evil house of Usher.

10. SexyBeast will be the last man I will sleep w/.

I'm supposed to tag 7 others. Matt, Lydia, Smirking Cat, Leslie, Metal Chick 666, Piper-ski, and Rachele. I won't be hurt if you don't want to participate.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Randomly Random

Happy Meme Day, everyone! Comment, rant, etc.

1) Who is the person you know with the best sixth sense? My mother. She knows when I'm upset even over the phone. Tough lady to get one over on.

2) If you could be the sole confessor to anyone on earth and you could never betray their trust, whose confessions would you want to hear? Hmmmmm..... that's a toughie. Madonna, I bet she's full of the most ribald, insane shit ever.

3) What one person most affected the choices you have made in your career? Myself and no one else. I was the one crying myself to sleep every night, thinking I was a big loser. I had to make the change.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. Bring out yr dead

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Wenis!

Hiya, folks. Today is Top Chef recap day. I have a bad case o' the blahs. And today a friend in the HIV community died in his sleep. I'm tired and on edge but I'm ready to recap.

Quickfire Challenge was a doozy. Create a dessert treat w/out using sugar of any kind. No white, brown, confectioner, organic, etc. Nada con azucar! And winning immunity is Radhika. I like her, she has a quiet power to her. She served up a sassy bread pudding. I can't help but add that my mother (who owns and operates a bakery) makes the most out of this world bread pudding. The secret is she uses cake tops instead of bread. And sucking it big time were thyroid eyes Carla 'cause she should have had frozen bananas but the freezer door kept opening and she had to saute them which was, I guess, kinda yucky tasting. Ariane's crepe which lacked originality and Jaime's stone fruit napoleon. We weren't given an explanation, maybe she added salt : )

Elimination Challenge was to go balls out and make whatever you want for new judge Toby Young, a mean spirited British food critic. Toby will be replacing Gail, perhaps she's recuperating from liposuction. And of course there's a twist. The cheftestants were broken into two groups, while one group cooks and serves, the other group will be judging. SURPRISE! Personally, I didn't think the cheftestants would purposely fuck anybody over just to get ahead. And I was proved right. The big whiner was Jaime, who did scallops re-deux, but this week actually cooked the scallops. And twist number two, 2 chefs will be eliminated this week. And packing their knives and going are Melissa for cat food tuna tacos. Melissa was really bland to me, very indistinguishable. And Eugene, finally! He has no idea how sucky his dishes were, he came up w/ some crazy concoction of over salted fried fish and daikon "linguine".

1o chefs left!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gimme a Pabst and a Shot of Whiskey

Gran Turino opened to nation wide release this weekend and SexyBeast and I took in a matinee this past Sunday.

Normally, I am not a huge Eastwood fan but rumours abound that this is his last movie ever. Plus, we just watched The Eiger Sanction last month and I was thoroughly intrigued about Gran Turino since it's been garnering such great reviews.

This film did not disappoint. Eastwood was as surly and grizzled as ever! He had some great lines, though I did flinch at the excessive use of racial slurs he muttered every two minutes. It was a seemingly simple story of a man in the twilight of his life. But as w/ Eastwood's Oscar award winning film Million Dollar Baby, there is so much more lurking beneath. It was a compelling story of life and death and morality.

The only drawback was Eastwood's face. Christ, the man looks like a road map!

Now, get thee to the theatre....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Talk Talk

Monday meme day, peeps. Enjoy, comment, etc. Thanks to

1) What is the worst thing you have to do each morning? Either work out or go to work. I'm feeling the work blahs lately.

2) Where is the most spiritual country (or place) on earth, in your experience? My parents' place in the southern Adirondacks. I get all my inspiration for my stories there. Plus it's so calming and peaceful to hike or go swimming in the lake.

3) If you gave birth today to octuplets (OMG!), what would you name them? You can assume four of each sex, or make your own mix-up. 8 kids, Christ! That's messed up considering I don't want even want one. OK, girls: Maggie, Lily, Grace and Violet. Boys: Jonas, Ian, Asher and Tate.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. No photo 'cause I'm lame. It's all dark and you can just make out a shiny diamond on the wall. My thoughts: Shine on, crazy diamond!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Full Me Belly

As Top Chef has been taking a holiday break, I've decided to blab about my foodings over the past few weeks.

My sister-in-law and my nieces are Jewish and as such we had Chewbaca dinner. Brisket that was so moist and delish that no knives were required, potato latkes, deep fried potato pancakes. Deep fried anything is fabulous in my book, plus, my brother added sweet potato to the mix. And noodle kugal. BLECH! It's egg noodles w/ sour cream and cinnamon. One of these things is not the like the other. SexyBeast had a "no thank you" helping. Our consensus is noodles should never be sweet.

Christmas Eve is always a big deal at my brother's house. We always get drunk before dinner on his killer champagne punch. It's sweet and crisp. And it knocks you on yr ass before you know it. Usually my brother has a theme or goes w/ an ethnic idea. But this year was free style. I made my fave, 50 kinds of awesome warm chicken and artichoke dip. *drool drool* The main course included turduckhen, turkey rolled into duck into chicken. It was moist and delish. And asparagus spears slathered with cream cheese rolled into either prosciutto or bacon. I went with bacon, the candy of all meats. And my personal fave, this au gratin/scalloped potato dealie. Oh potato, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. And to my joy Funfetti and red velvet cake cupcakes for dessert. So vastly different from each other but oh so delectable.

Christmas Day started off with a bang. Gigantic breakfast at SexyBeast's mom's house. She made spinach and sausage breakfast casserole. And knowing my hatred of mushrooms, she placed them on half the casserole. Bacon, of course, fresh fruit (in which I inhaled a ton of blackberries) and home made babka, a sweet doughy Polish bread.

Then we waddled over to SexyBeast's uncle's home. SexyBeast tanked up on King Crab legs before linner and he could barely scarf down his ham. And fortunately for me, they were also serving prime rib asI despise ham. And about 1000 other dishes and I barely remember. I think I had 5 different kinds of potatoes. And pie and cookies.

Then quite bloated we went to my parents' place. We sat out of dinner but I forced down a almond paste pine nut cookie and molten chocolate pudding.

And just when I thought I would never eat like a pig again. We had Christmas Part II: This Time it's Personal. My other bro came up from Boston w/ his family and we headed on up to the family cabin in the Adirondacks. More potatoes. And my mom went all out w/ a timpano, literally translated from Italian it's a "drum"of dough full of ziti, ground beef, TONS of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and BLECHY hard boiled eggs. I ate around the eggs. And my awesome brother Pablo grilled German sausages he bought from Karl's, one of the few real butchers left in the Boston area. I love me some Knockwurst! And served with potatoes and bacon : )

Needless to say I've been getting up at 6 am for the past week to run/walk.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stop Eating Boring Tuna! Stop Having a Boring Life!

Before I start my insane ramblings, I am beholden to remark one of the fallen. I noticed that NaughtyScholar has removed her blog. If yr reading this, please know the interweb is a lonelier place without you. Yr a sensitive, passionate woman w/ a big heart. Never forget that.

A few weeks ago, SexyBeasts' upstairs toilet exploded after I peed. Water was EVERYWHERE. It leaked in through the kitchen ceiling and out a light fixture. We used every towel he owned to clean up the mess. And those towels promptly got thrown in the nearest trash receptacle. We wet-vac'd the water living in the carpets. About a gallon of H2O!

A few days later, SexyBeast was espousing the virtues of Sham-Wow. For those of you not in the know, Sham-Wow is a super absorbent chamois made by Germans from space age polymers. And the dude selling it is a excited freakazoid named Vince Offer. Vince Offer, people!

But where was Vince and the Sham-Wow when there was toilet water filling the apartment?Apparently at CVS for $19.99. SexyBeast was wonderfully surprised when I brought it home. We got 4 big ones and 4 little ones for 20 bucks! And you can throw it in the wash w/ yr regular laundry. But don't put it in the dryer as it ruins the wowness of the Sham-Wow.

The shit works, esp. at soaking up puddles of spilled PBR. Now, I'm waiting to see if CVS will be selling The Slap Chop and Gratey. Fingers crossed....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Year of the Curious Cat

Happy New Year everyone! After a much deserved break and break down, I'm back to blogging and working out and writing and my new hobby, cell phone photography (I stole the idea from Leslie at

Monday Meme day. As per usual it is brought you by Enjoy, comment, question, etc.

1) What is the cause that you believe is the most worthy of all those available? Wow, what a loaded question. My immediate thoughts go to NARAL, the pro-choice movement. Abortion is a personal decision, let's keep it safe and legal.

2) What problem is the most common among people your age? I just turned 33 in October. The 30's are an odd decade, too old to be drinking all night, too young for the early bird special. It's an in between age. Especially since I'm not a home owner or a mother. Ergo, I am only responsible for my well being.

3) Who do you feel is the most under appreciated actor (male or female) in the history of Hollywood? Michael Goorjian. He played Justin on "Party of Five" for years and years. The only good reason to watch that show really. Super talented, super duper sexy. Watch SLC Punk, fantastic film.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. I'm back to using my father's Dell, hence no photo. Damn, the photo is tiny and I couldn't enlarge it. The caption said dishes. It's look like drinking ewers on a river bed. 1st thought: I hate doing the dishes!