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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Say Yes

Well, I've done did it! And I'm damned happy!

I have a wedding dress!! And it's gorgeous. I wish I could find an interweb photo of it :(

I'll do my best to describe: it's all silk w/ an empire waist w/ a jeweled piece underneath the bust line. I'm altering it so that it has a strap going around my neck to create a halter top. And they're removing a layer of crinoline so my hips don't look 10 axe handles wide. Here's the best part! We're taking the bottom and turning into a bubble hem, imagine a mushroom, and and and we raise the front up so my ankles are exposed to reveal the fabulous blue shoes I will be wearing. I hope anyway! Haven't gotten to accessories yet.

In lieu of a veil, I will be wearing a '60's inspired ultra mod hat. I hate veils, they get in the way, they get dirty and knowing me, it would probably choke me to death.

I loved the bridal dress consultant! She was quick, knew her merchandise and could not have been more accommodating. And best of all, I did not feel like a big bloated pig. Just the opposite in fact, I was a smoldering sex goddess.

Now I just have to wait 6 months for it to arrive...


Leslie said...

Oooooh, how fun! Can't wait to see a pic of it. :)

I wore blue shoes for my wedding too. Oh, and I had a veil, which didn't get dirty. (I wish I would have worn a cathedral veil; those are so pretty!) The dress will get dirty quicker than anything else, trust me. :)

phairhead said...

Leslie: oh yeah! I'm anticipating spilling wine on myself :D

Heather said...

SUE! I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited and happy for you :)

phairhead said...

I just wish I had a picture to share :(

Cheeks said...

I'm a bad blogger friend, but I'm SO happy to hear that you found a dress that you love! I hated everything I tried on until I found the one I loved. It's so exciting and those 6 months that you have to wait for it will FLY by. Yay!!!

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