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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Negro y Blanco

Sugar time Just Desserts recap!

For the Quickfire, the cheftestants had to create a dessert using savory foods. First of all, ICK. Second of all, didn't they bitch out and boot Heather G for using veggies last week? Morgan throws an elbow to the remaining bitchy Heather's face. He shouldn't have done that, foul! But then Heather moans and groans on and on and on. She claims she had a fat lip and poutily had wash cloth on her mouth. Idiots both! The losers were Danielle's disgusting corn and avocado mess, Eric's couscous apricot prosciutto yuckiness & Heather's nasty ass beets. Guess it wasn't worth an elbow to the face then, eh Heather? Zac won w/ his steamed beet cake. God, that sounds revolting! And in a surprise twist Zac forfeited his immunity to take 5 grand. He should have asked for 10.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants must make black and white desserts for the L.A. Times 128th anniversary party.

Some one "stole" Heather's Rice Crispie treats. This reeks of cheap pea puree! The mystery was never solved and I could give a fuck.

The big wiener was Yi(Gidget)'s structural blocks of tastiness. And getting das boot was Ericka. SAY WHAT? Bullshit. She did amazing stuff and one batch of soapy ice cream and she's going home. And yet Danielle that sucks hard at everything is once again spared.

2 ladies left. Sexist jerks!

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