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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey Now

Happy Wednesday all! I've come back from Lake George well rested, full of grilled meat and a new perspective on blogging.

As always today is Top Chef recap day.

Our cheftestants are Jonathan Waxman, he's a big deal mucky muck in the culinary world, Roy Yamaguchi, whom I remember judged the finale of Top Chef Season 2 (fuck you Roy if yr the reason Elan won!), Art Smith, I sooooooo wanna be his fag hag, and handsome handsome bespectacled Michael Cimarusti.

For the Quickfire, the cheftestants chose from the knife block o' doom! and picked random numbers, wherein the cheftestants had to shop in a grocery aisle w/ their corresponding number and keep to the budget of 20 buckaroos. I remember this challenge from Season 3, Malarky won. He's a douche, my friend Robin said she was flipping the channels one day and saw Malarky on that idiotic Real Fishwives of Some Snotty Overpriced Location. Scoring a perfect score of 5 points was Michael, who got stuck w/ the baking aisle and cranked out a chocolate parfait. Who doesn't like parfaits?! And coming in w/ the lowest points was Jonathan w/a lentil and roasted red pepper salad that he made from the rice and dried beans and jarred veggie aisle. Too much onion, old man!

I have to say, this Elimination Challenge was one of my faves. The cheftestants chose another cheftestants name and had to create a mystery box of ingredients, the cheftestants had to use 7 out of 12 ingredients. What really piqued my interest was that no one tried to sabotage their competitor. So vastly different from the regular Top Chef. And getting the boot first was Roy and his over cooked short ribs and mahi mahi w/ the over powering lemongrass. Gotta be careful w/ that, dude. And the last cheftestant to go to the Finals is Art and his world class fried chicken 2 ways over grits and mini mango pie.

Season Finale next week, bitches!


Leslie said...

Welcome back!

phairhead said...

thanks! i feel a thousand times better