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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's Some Stuff

I've been Rutty Rutterson lately. But in an effort not to wallow in my self pity, I've put together a list of new shit I really dig.

1. Sally Hanson Face Wax, why pay more at the salon to be that sexy non-hormonally challenged mamacita, when you can wax cheaply and in the privacy of yr own home.

2. My lovely and talented friend Wicked Messenger at turned me onto Laughing Cow cheese. The Babybel Chedder flavour is the tits, man! Especially on Kashi "triscuits".

3. My renewed interest in ska. I had the honour and privilege to see The English Beat live last week. Dave Wakeling still has his voice, they were amazing and they played "Save it for Later" last. My fave! And yes I did wear black and white.

I'm going on vacation to Lake George. Lots of swimming and drinking abound. And healthy snacks, can't forget those! I'll be back next week.


Leslie said...

Thanks for the list - have an awesome vacation. :)

Smirking Cat said...

Laughing Cow cheese is great, and I don't even like cheese! Happy vacation.

Wicked Messenger said...

French Onion Laughing Cow spread on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin with 1/4c egg white and a ring of red onion.... that's my morning at least 4 days a week.

phairhead said...

Arnold's will be my next purchase!