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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Prestige

Hola, Chef-heads! Sorry my posts have been spotty lately, I've been feeling under the weather and uninspired. Perhaps when I awake from my Nyquil fog, I'll be a happy blogger once again.

Over at Top Chef, we had 4 cheftestants that I've never heard of or seen on the show already. It was actually a nice change of pace, sometimes I have preconceived notions of the participants. We had Douglas Rodriguez, Anita Lo, John Besh and Mark Peel. IDK, they seemed very very low key, all of them. For their Quickfire, the cheftestants had to make an egg dish w/ one hand "tied behind their backs, the challenge in it's original form is from the 1st Top Chef All Stars epi. Snooty asshole Stephen won w/ an omelet. It's so wrong that I want to jump that man's bones. What can I say, I like prime assholes. Anyways, lowest amount of points was awarded to John and his over easy egg casserole. All them came out under cooked. Blech! Raw cold eggs, bad chef! And top points went to Anita, she made some kick ass looking scrambled eggs in the egg shell infused w/ Asian flavours. To die for! And she's the 1st chef to get a perfect score in the Quickfire this season.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to make a plate at the Magic Castle in LA for Doogie Howser. Holy cow, I still cannot believe that man is gay! So, the chefs had to pick a card and create a plate using the word they chose as inspiration for the meal. Spectacle, Illusion (thoughts of Doug Henning rush through my head), Mystery and Surprise. And first eliminated was John and his surprising horseradish & creme fraiche sorbet served w/ salmon tartare, salmon roe, cauliflower blini and tempura fried lobster wrapped in smoked salmon. Apparently, NOBODY like the sorbet. Not a fan of savoury desserts myself. And making it a clean sweep, Anita Lo and illusion go on to the the grand champion round w/ her awesomely fantastic sea scape plate of daikon filled w/ steak tartare made to look like a scallop and crushed Rice Crispies for the sand and little of seafood broth for the salty ocean.

Next week, friends....


Anonymous said...

cool blog

phairhead said...

thank you kindly ;)

llcwine said...

very cool blog, I have heard about all the chefs on that episode with the exception of Mark Peel. John Besh's places in New Orleans are amazing. Douglas Rodriguez has been around for some time, and Anita Lo has done so much to bring female chefs to the forefront. I hope she knocks her competitors silly in the next round.