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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ya, Gonna Cry Now?

I just made dinner for my father and myself. My parents are in their 60's and are semi-retired and as such they go to their log cabin in the Adirondacks all summer. Pops comes home every Tuesday to work at one of the local wine & liquor stores and mow our lawn. As we settled into our dinner conversation, he informed me that since it was pouring buckets he wasn't staying. But he wanted to enjoy my company for the short time he had before heading back to the woods. Awwww.

Pops is a great guy, infinitely patient, a Yankee fan til death and the go to guy for all questions (he's a freakin' encyclopedia!).

For Father's Day (and yes I know that was last month), I took him out for pizza and surprised him w/ a DVD of one his faves, The Great Santini.

I've seen this film twice, the first time was when I was 11. For those of you not in the know, Robert Duval plays a hard ass Air Force colonel w/ 4 kids and devoted wife. However, Santini severely lacks any type of emotion other than crazed joy and Guns of the Fucking Navaronne anger. I remember telling Pops that I thought Santini was jerk, "Su-Su, someday you'll appreciate this movie." Upon 2nd viewing, I could see where Pops was coming from. Santini makes the greatest sacrifice at the end.

Love you, Dad!


Smirking Cat said...

I've never seen that movie. Now I'm curious.

phairhead said...

1977? 1979? It's also a young adult book. such a great genre : )

Lily said...

Isn't it weird how several viewings can give a movie a whole new meaning?

Sounds like a good one...maybe it's on netflix?

phairhead said...

Miss Lily, it's on the Netflix fo' shizzle! I plan on marrying that dude that created Netflix.

Mr. Apron said...

If you want a movie about fathers that is sure to make you bawl your ass off: