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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sounds Offal

Last Wednesday was the 1st day of my vacation, therefore no Top Chef recap. And thankfully because of the holiday, I am not 2 weeks behind in my recap duties.

This week's 4 cheftestants are Wilo Benet, we get clips of him judging season 4, ( I honestly don't remember him), sweet Cindy Pawlcyn (what an awesome Welsh name!), Frenchie snob Ludo Lefebvre and kick ass Mexico food lovin' Rick Bayless. He's so great, I love that guy!

For the Quickfire Challenge, we are harkened back to Season 2 again, the colour challenge. Mikey won for doing a plate of orange foods. They are really hammering the Season 2 down my throat. Is that the best season? Anyways, I'm rambling. Ludo scores the lowest amount of points for his red debacle, it was runny yucky mess of watermelon, tomato and steak tartare. It sounds good in theory. And scoring the most points was Wilo and his plate of orange w/ salmon tartare and carrots. It looked pretty but I wouldn't eat it.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to choose a mystery ingredient and take said ingredient and make into street food for the masses at Universal Studios. And the ingredients were all the left over bits that most Americans HATE. I was watching this epi w/ Sexybeast's Vietnamese friend. "What the big deal? I eat that stuff all the time!" I also recall that Season 2 had a Quickfire involving offal as well. Somebody over at the Bravo network must be doin' one of the former cheftestants from Season 2. You heard it hear 1st! And 1st eliminated was sweet Cindy. Aww. She's seems like a phenomenal chef but her menudo tripe was horribly under seasoned. And going on the winner's circle is the most awesome Rick Bayless and his tongue tacos. WOO HOO!!! I hope he wins in the end.

And we are half way through the season, bitches!


Albany Jane said...

I LOVE THE MASK! Super jealous here ;P

phairhead said...

thanks! i aim to please : )

Smirking Cat said...

I used to make fun of reality shows and such, until I got hooked on that one about the next Ultimate Fighter...yes, I'm cringing, but I can't help it.

phairhead said...

hehe, i'm not here to judge. did you see my Daisy of Love post?