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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aloha, Mr. Hand

And it's that time of year folks when the little hamsters are sent overseas to some exotic, foreign fashion capital. And..... it's....... HAWAII! Huh? What? Hawaii? Sheesh, they're not even trying to pretend this is a legit modeling show anymore. Or perhaps they have no money left in their budget after they got Tyra's food bill.

And Erin has made up a good timey sing-a-long song: "My name's Nicole and I like art. My name's Jen and I like to fart. My name's Laura, I have hair like a poodle. My name's Sundai and I like noodles. My name's Brittany and I'm good at math. My name's Erin and I kick ass." C'mon, people, let's all hold hands and sing!

For the Challenge, the hamsters had a quickie surfing lesson and then were photographed in some action shots. And Erin the brat won! She got to take a helicopter tour around the main island. But apparently, that wasn't good enough for Miss Blondey Brat, she wanted a tangible prize like jewelry or clothing. And on a hi-larious side note, Laura got burnt to a raw red crisp.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters made into mixed races or "hapa". Like Barak Obama! Hapa was also the name Sexybeast called his Polish grandfather. It's basically just an excuse to put the chicks into black face. Winning photo of the week went to my girl Nicole and her interpretation of Japanese and Malagasi ( a person from Madagascar). I hope she wins it all. Ok, for some reason, everything is written in italics. Please, bear w/ me! And packing it in is snooty Brittany who doesn't know how to be a fashiony Native American and east Indian.

Hopefully, everything will be back to normal tomorrow.


Cheeks said...

I flipped past all of the pipsqueaks on Top Model... wtf is up with the munchkin models?

phairhead said...

some weird twisted Tyra Banks invention! most couture models have to be at least 5'8" or taller to walk in shows. so i have no clue what these chicks will end up doing after the show ends

Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Mmmmm munchkins are hawt! Wait are you still talking about Tyra Banks?

phairhead said...

lion: you bobo! wed = recap day. good thing I like ya :D