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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I stole this post idea from my blogger wife Cheeks over at She's a lady and a scholar :D

1. Go to Ipod
2. Press shuffle
3.Press play. No cheating. No skipping.
4.Type the song title for each category that has randomly appeared on Ipod.


Opening Credits: Little Shadow - Yeah Yeah Yeah's
A quiet way to my day.

Waking Up: Dear Diary 3 - Stephen Lynch
OK so it's going to be a totally sick and twisted day.

Average Day: Expectations - Belle & Sebastian
Don't listen to Jack Black. Belle & Sebastian is not sad bastard music.

First Date: Modern Romance - Yeah Yeah Yeah's
Does that mean I drink lots of whiskey, make out w/ you hard and then punch you in the face? Karen O style!

Love Scene: Vertical Photontheque - Stereolab
Tres French! And I don't speak French. They say it's the language of love.

Fight Scene: Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
That would be one psychedelic fight! I personally want this song to be my wedding reception entrance song.

Breaking Up: My Weakness - Moby
Yes, Moby, you do understand my pain

Making Up: 12 - Alexi Murdoch
A cry while you do it song.

Secret Love: Splat - Bailterspace
"Stop wasting our time. Stop wasting our lives..." Maybe he's embarrassed of me.

Life's Okay: The Door Into Summer - The Monkees
I love love love Michael Nesmith's voice. Very wistful.

Mental Breakdown: Star Collector - The Monkees
HA! This is about a groupie. Perhaps one of those psycho clingy ones.

Driving: Salesman - The Monkees
3 Monkees' songs in a row? Ipod is in love w/ Davy Jones! Bu uh, traveling, salesman, sure it fits.

Deep Thought: Negra Leono - ?
Hmmmm yeah not so much.

FlashBack: Love in Plaster - The Hives
No comment

Partying: Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
Fuck yeah!!!! Is it wrong that I have crush on big ol' Ce-Lo?

Happy Dance: Bang the Drum - Railroad Jerk
More like a song I had to listen to 50,000 times to get all the words. But there is a certain boppyness to it.

Regretting: Three Women - Stereolab
A manage of three? Although, women in friendships of three never work out. So yeah, regretful

Long Night Alone: Water Cuts My Hands- Mecca Normal
If I was suicidal...

Final Battle: Girls! Girls! Girls! - Liz Phair
Ha! Perfect. And I would get away w/ murder.

Death Scene: A Little More for Little You - The Hives
I would be happy to die to this song! So awesome!

Closing Credits: Tick - Yeah Yeah Yeah's
If only I was cool as Karen O.....

By the by people, I have soooooo many songs by various artistes, I don't know why Ipod decided to focus on such a core group. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!


Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Your shuffle is dumber than mine! Maybes it's cause those are your 5 star songs.

and belle and Sebastian is total sad bastard music! Doesn't mean it's bad.

Cheeks said...

YOU are a bad ass motherfucker! I love your list. But yeah, the amount of Monkees on your shuffle is very odd...

phairhead said...

i don't think so lion. i hardly listen to the ipod

cheeks: all from the same album!!! weirdness....

Dijea said...

THIS IS AWESOME - I did mine. Interesting.

I had fun!

phairhead said...

good you deserve to have lots of fun, dijea!