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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She Likes her Sundaes Even on a Monday

It's Top Model recap, my minions! BTW, once I overtake my parents' house when they have their weekend getaway, I plan on getting caught up on Top Chef. Don't you worry yr pretty little head.

I missed the beginning of Top Model because we had a dinner party w/ our parents last Wednesday. There's a new live poultry and rabbit place down the road from us. You pick 'em, they kill 'em. We got 2 nice roasters. I had some left over spice from when I made Moroccan meatballs last spring, so Sexybeast rubbed the chicks down w/ it. I made a curried couscous and marinated chickpeas. Toasted pita bread rounded out the Moroccan feast. Yummyness!

Anyways, I caught the tail end and Nicole won extra frames for the photo shoot..... and a pearl necklace. HEE HEE HEE! In turn, Nicole chose Sundai to get extra frames for her photo. Sundai passed some extra frames to Laura. Laura, in turn, chose Lazy Eye Jennifer to also have some extra frames. And Bratty Erin got squat! Nyah nyah nyah!

For the photo shoot, the chicks posed underwater in some beautiful couture gowns. I'm sure salt water is great for silks and chiffons. Anydoodle, Lazy Eye Jennifer had best photo of the week. Meh. She's annoying. I'm sure she'll win. And packing it up was Sundai and her stupid asthma.

Next week: hula/hip hop

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