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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holly Lolly!

My fave Xmas gift this year was my new Canon Power Shot camera. Check my awesome new photos from Christ's birthday.

We also had a chance to check out the Badass Burrito. Monday and Saturday nights are $1 PBR and tacos. Sexybeast had 2 tacos, one beef and one pulled pork. He proclaimed them delicious. After so many days of gorging, I went w/ carne asada salad w/ lime cabbage slaw, a tasty vinaigrette. I subbed the mayo topping for guacamole. NOM NOM NOM. As I am not a huge beer fan, I partook of the 4 dollar Margarita special.


Leslie said...

I love my Canon Powershot!

You and SB are cuuuuuuuute. :)

phairhead said...

awwwww thanks, Les :D

Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Margaritas are a perfectly acceptable substitute for beer with tacos.

Good Times!

Happy almost new year!

Albany Jane said...

OH SHIT! I had no idea about the $4 margaritas!

How many beers did he do? I'm guessing he was on 5 in the one picture. Or saying "no pictures, please. I'm just too sexay"

And I am loving your new camera!

Anonymous said...

christ sure knows how to throw one "hell" of a birthday bash!

happy '10, babe

phairhead said...

Lion: whew! I was worried i was losing my cred :D

AJ: thanks, SB did his research. and yes indeedy he drank 5 PBR's. next time yr 'round on saturday we should meet up there

eternal: and a very happy new year to you as well, my love :D

The Girl Least Likely To said...

Aww, you both look so cute together! And I'm a little envious, tacos and margaritas are one of my fave for happy hour!

Dijea said...

I'm drooling.....

Congrats on the camera!!!! I'm a nikon girl, but I have a Canon Powershot and love it. I expect to see lots of pics up here.

Heather said...

I love you guys :)

phairhead said...

girly: i live for happy hour! next time we'll get wings

dijea: you know it! it goes everywhere w/ me now

heather: awwww yr so sweet :D