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Saturday, December 12, 2009

If Man is 5,....

Name 6 of your favourite breakfast cereals?

(in ascending order!)

5. Honey Nut Cheerios - they taste great w/ fresh banana

4. Almond Cherry granola- I buy from a bin at Hanaford

3. Kashi Golean Hearty Honey Cinnamon- lots o' fiber!

2. Lucky Charms - they're magically delicious

1. Annie's Homegrown Vanilla & Chocolate Bunnies - OMG!! I could eat half a box w/out thinking.

FYI I eat my cereal out of the box or w/ yogurt. Milk + cereal = BLECH


Dijea said...

They are so magically delicious.

Leslie said...

I eat my cereal with milk but once the cereal is gone, I'm done. None of that drinking the milk at the bottom of the bowl.

Word verification: poperies. I like it.

phairhead said...

dijea: i know! right?

les: ugh, slushy cereal milk :P

Lydia said...

I heart the pixies.

phairhead said...

they need to put out a new CD and tour!!!