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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Year End Meme

1. What did you think of 2009? Some good, some bad.

2. What do you think was the news story of the year? That crazy Russian lady that kidnapped a dude and made him a sex slave for 3 days.

3. What happened this year that you never want to hear another word about? Golly! So many things! No one must ever ever ever mention Jon & Kate again.

4. What was your favorite song of 2009? Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeah's

5. What did you accomplish this year? Bought a house.

6. Did you learn anything new this year? I'm capable more things that I realized.

7. What are you looking forward to in the new year? My new job.

8. What are your plans for New Year's Eve? Going to the lake w/ my family.

9. What's the best thing you ever did on a New Year's Eve? Went to a reggae bar when I was 14 during Albany First Night.


The Girl Least Likely To said...

Yes! Zero is an amazing song, I love Karen O's energy!

phairhead said...

Karen O is so so so so my new fave singer

Cheeks said...

New job? What did I miss? Is this the civil servant thingie?

p.s. word verification = tioxipsy. Sweet Jesus.

phairhead said...

cheeks: nope! I will be working as a case manager for non-profit w/ abused women. should be very challenging! :D