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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I had my Cake and ate it too!

Just refresh the minds of you, my loyal sexy readers, I will be starting a new job on Monday. Still in non-profit, still working w/ a challenging population (DV). But it's more money, a better position and great opportunity for lil' ol' me.

Anyways, my friends at my old job took me out for lunch last week to this awesome Caribbean place on Washington Ave (across the street from The Fuze Box). I think it was called Casa de Las Brisas (not 100% on that). Normally I don't dig on buffets, I like my food hot and I like it my way. However, this place was freakin' awesome! For $7.99 ($10.25 for tax and a drink), you can have all you can eat. The buffet has a cold section and a hot section. I snarfed down fresh avocado and bell pepper, corn and green pepper and chickpea salad. The veggies were all fresh and the seasoning was just right. And if you hate peppers, they were big enough to pick out. Plus there was about 5 or 6 more dishes to choose from. On the hot side, I ate 2 chicken wings (though I could have easily inhaled 10 more!), curry chicken and yellow rice and beans. Everything was hot and de-licious. And in case yr keeping score, I did indeed indulge in dessert. I had 2 slices of cake, one piece of chocolate and one piece of spice cake. Moist and sweet.

It's an odd thing, I order eat chicken from our fave Chinese take out, Thai and Indian haunts we frequent. Hmmm, guess it translates well to all cuisines.

Lucky for me, this place is across the street from my new office.


Dijea said...

Good luck in your new adventure.

phairhead said...

thanks, lady :D

Leslie said...

I like the word "snarf."

phairhead said...

les: i think it's an east coast expression :D