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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dr. Thunkingstein

1. Kimber is freaking out because I didn't get the TT done yesterday. I had a busy day. Will you ever forgive me? Yes, yes I will.

2. So this weekend is Valentine's Day. When you think of yourself and this love-filled holiday, what is biggest memory? Valentine's Day is a bullshit holiday propagated by the greeting card and candy industries.

3. Pajama pants. Who knew it could have so many fricken opinions. (Seriously... if you don't believe me) Would you... do you... could you wear PJ pants to a store? Yes, I don PJ pants around town. Good stuff. I look freakin' adorable in them.

4. I'm gonna give you one of those big heart candy boxes on Sunday. Are you an expert at chocolate candies and already know whats inside them all or will you just take whichever one and enjoy it no matter what is inside or are you one of those people who sticks their finger in the bottom of the candy to see what the filling is then puts it back if you don't like it? I finger, I admit it. I finger them and put them back.

5. Scented Candles - whats your favorite? Cotton or sumpin', it smells like dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are the key to getting in my pants.

6. Snow sucks. We've mostly all been hit. What kind of snow shovel do you have? (The rest of you who live in sunny no-snow places... tell me your favorite sunscreen brand) I have no fucking clue! The kind that shovels snow.

7. The first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was "Oh crap. Kimber's gonna be pissed...." then I had a whole bunch of good ideas for questions to ask. Now I can't remember them. Do you keep a notebook next to your bed for times like that? No but I should. I like lists.

8. Have you ever seen a groundhog in real, you can touch it and it will bite you, life? ???? The fuck?

9. Is there any key on your keyboard that is starting to wear off? Which one is it? Nope, they're all in good shape. Some are little sticky, I need to stop eating fruit and blogging at the same time.

10. Do you think Kimber should move to Minnesota and take long walks in the snow with Berleen? Sure.

Wow. Those questions sucked.


Albany Jane said...

I have seen a groundhog in real life. But I wasn't stupid enough to try and touch it. He was happily chomping on grass or something, and I was not going to get in the way of that. He also kept doing these super cute poses for Albany John's camera. He was mac'in it!

I also think V-day is hokum. Maybe it's cause I think most chocolate is crap. Reminds me one year in HS I got chocolates and I was all "Um, kay, thanks?"

Jodi said...

Great answers! Hope your Thursday is a good one!

Ria said...

Valentine's Day is stupid. But even though he knows I think so, my husband is still afraid not to buy me something - so if he is going to be stupid too, I'll take the gift!

Anonymous said...

i wear my pajama pants everyday as a tribute to Michael Jackson, long live the king!

I am Harriet said...

What a coincidence- I have the same kind of shovel :)

Have a great Thursday!

Marice said...

cool answers! happy thursday!
u may view mine here

Lea C. said...

Love your Valentine answer! So true.

phairhead said...

AJ: you said one of my fave words "hokum" That just made my day :D

jodi: thanks :D

ria: score!

eternal: are you hairless like Jacko too?

harriet: must be a popular brand :D

marice: back atcha!

lea: aww shucks, thanks :D