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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have officially restarted psycho-therapy. I go to a really wonderful woman in Albany that specializes in mind-body thing ding. Anyways, I'm a-clearin' out the cobwebs.

I've been eating a lot of hot air corn lately. Hot air poppers are vastly underrated. I like mine w/ pretend butter.

My boyfriend knows what mah jong is, huh?

Dead Like Me is an awesome TV show. Jasmine Guy, I love you!

I'm saving my pennies for OPI Alice in Wonderland collection. Alice in Wonderland is a long time fave. I used to check out the record of Alice Through the Looking Glass repeatedly from my local library. Can't wait for the flick to come out!


Leslie said...

I love Dead Like Me!

I haven't heard of the OPI Alice in Wonderland colors. I'm still trying to find the Wizard of Oz ones. :/

phairhead said...

If you notice my tootsies in my profile pic, that's "Dorothy Who?" LOVE