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Friday, October 21, 2011

And not a Day Wiser.....

It's my birthday today & I'm feeling pretty bummed actually. I have no money, feeling pretty isolated & just in the mood to celebrate.

Maybe my parents should not have given me such great birthdays when I was a kid, it's hard not to compare. Expectation always leads to disappointment. Life is suffering & the quicker I learn that the better off I shall be.

But then I saw this & I cheered up! So tomorrow, I'm going to shoot skee ball and have a quick drink @ Footsy Magoo's. Feel free to join me & the Beast.

Happy Chompo to me!


Jon in Albany said...

There's still time to get to Bomber's! Go have your huge margarita. I recommended stirring it better than I did.

Happy Birthday, many happy returns of the day.

phairhead said...

Home w/ my cat and was a good day :-)