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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Faking Fakers

I all snuggled to watch Top Chef:Just Desserts last week. Down to the final four. No Quickfire! Straight to the Elimination Challenge, make an awesome dessert that looks like savoury food. I feel asleep! Pretty indicative of how I felt about this season. Sally won, BOO! Orlando finally went home.

One more episode to go! Then next week Top Chef: Texas......29 cheftestants.....29! DEAR LORD, SAVE ME!


Jon in Albany said...

Team Cashew hung on by the skin of his teeth.

Seriously? 29? Not sure I'll have the patience for that long a season.

phairhead said...

Jon: Team Cashew FTW!

I'm thinking (& praying!) that they'll have multiple eliminations during the quickfires & such

Greg said...

havent seen any of this season on TCJD but a couple chefs i trained with were guests on the finale last night and i cant for the life of me find the episode anywhere online!

phairhead said...

Greg: give it a couple of days, the same thing happened last week

Greg said...

yeah i found a copy a few minutes after posting the comment. kind of lack luster but awesome to see chef sebastien & jacquy. Wish they had a little more face time because they are two of the funniest people i know.