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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chocolate Love

*sigh* Top Chef: Just Desserts, what am I going to do w/ you?

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to make the perfect doughnut......AND one cheftestant would be getting the boot for the worst dessert. FOOD FLURRY! Carlos, however, had the best doughnut, orange and lemon fried dough balls filled w/ passion fruit cream, & won 10 g's as well. The worst 3 were Megan and her fucked up icing, Matthew's dry cake & Orlando's lack of cardamom. I wanted in the worst way for Orlando to go finally go home. Especially since he decided to pick a fight w/ Chef Hot Pants (Johnny Iuzinni). But alas, Megan was chopped, leaving Katzie to be fed to the wolves.

For the Elimination Challenge, had to work in two teams (boooooring) of three to create 3 chocolate desserts & a chocolate show piece. Each team got to judge each other's work. Team Suck Ass: Orlando, Sally & Carlos. Team Cutie Pie: Chris, Matthew & Katzie. Personally, I think that's inane because I don't think they judged the desserts fairly. But this did shed some light as to why Orlando is still in the game.......he's apparently some sort of show piece artiste.

As predicted, Orlando blathered on & on about how Team Cutie Pie sucked donkey balls. Sadly, they did lose to Team Suck Ass & Katzie was put out of her misery. I say shenanigans!

No Restaurant Wars this season?


Jon in Albany said...

I think the show producers need to talk to some test audiences. The little during show survey showed that the majority of viewers don't think a chef should go home for a quickfire. And yet another group challenge...

And what is the big deal about showpieces? I understand that they are hard to make, require a lot of techniques, are impressive to look at and all that stuff...but I would think you could be a very successful pasty chef/baker without ever making one. These show pieces seem like very fragile decorations. Personally I would be more impressed with the chef that makes something that is so good and so delicious that every other dessert I have for the rest of my life will be judged against their dish. If you can make a dessert like that, no one will care if you can't make a tree out of chocolate.

Katzie kind of flamed out the last few episodes. Her dessert did not look as fancy schmancy as the others. It sounded like it wasn't very tasty either. She was my underdog to swoop in and take it all. I'll spare my new choice the curse of me predicting a win... but his name rhymes with cashew.

phairhead said...

Jon: ah I see we are of like minds....Team Cutie Pie all the way!

But I have a sinking feeling that Sally is going to be crowned the winner :-(

Jon in Albany said...

Sally would have to get lucky. If Carlos can get over his fixation on breakfast cereal, I think the remaining chefs are all better than she is. I think her best case scenario is just like her schmuck buddy Marcel, close but not Top Chef. But then again, anything can happen in any given challenge.