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Friday, October 7, 2011


Last weekend Sexybeast & I went camping to Moreau state park near South Glens Falls. Since we knew we were going to miss Wolf's Biergarten's Octoberfest, we decided to have our own little party at the camp ground.

First night, we could not get the fire started....stupid freshly cut wood that was completely soaked!

The next morning it started to rain when we awoke & all Sexybeast had on his mind was COFFEE. I was heartily looking forward to Kahlua and hot chocolate only to discover that we had forgotten to bring drinking implements. SB was very emphatic that we find a dine & STAT. I would have settled for Dunkin' Donuts but off to find a diner we did. Garmin gave us some bad directions and we got turned around before we found Maude's Kitchen. I la-la-la-LOVED this place. It was fun and quirky and I got a great recipe for hot buttered rum. The curtains were old aprons! So cute. All the coffee cups were mismatched and every table had a kitchy set of salt & pepper shakers. I highly recommend the hash browns....not a hint of grease & a pleasant taste of paprika. SB was happy w/ his sausage gravy & wanted to have gravy at every meal. It was not to be though :-(

I could not wait for a shower! The bathrooms were very spacious and clean. BUT the water was c-c-c-c-COLD. Freezing. It was awful! I had about 2 minutes of hot water & then back to COLD.

To kill some time while it rained, we saw an amazing exhibit at the Hyde Museum of children's book illustrations. Sendak, Di Paola & Steig...OH MY!

Lunch at Davidson Brothers Brew Pub. Great service, great food & according to SB great beer. I had a glass of pinot grigio & chocolate w/ Godiva liqueur & Bailey's.

A real fire courtesy of Hannaford!

Then relaxing by the fire & reading. The rain did not bother me in the slightest.

SB consumer many franziskaners while we prepared the feast. Pork schnitzel, red cabbage & spaetzel w/ gravy. The cabbage was out of this world good! Fresh from our garden and brown sugar combats the cabbagy bitterness.



Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Sounds like y'all were really roughing it at that diner.

phairhead said...

Dude, have you ever been around a loved one w/out their much needed drug of choice?! It was ROUGH!!!