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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Express Yrself

Top Model Recap time!

Medical emergency for Kayla, puking, hyperventilating, & pain. And I just fell in love w/ Allison a little more as she gave the camera "We're not fucking around here!" look. Diagnosis: cardiac arrhythmia.

Then there was an awful awful acting challenge cage match for a bit part on CIS: Las Vegas. 90% of them fucked up their lines & pronunciation of medical jargon. It all came down to boring & 3rd person referencing Anglea and surprisingly dynamic Bre. And thankfully Bre won the part or Anglea would have been even more insufferable.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters showed off the new fall collection from Express. Man oh man, what a crap collection. Each hamster picked a personae to portray : Girlfriend, Cool Girl, Socialite, Flirt. Seriously?! Who's doing their ad campaign? Why must women be reduced to such outdated chauvinist terms? Blech! Winning photo went to Angelea's socialite. I disagree, she looks so hard & old in her photos. And speaking of hard & old, Camille was sent home. She never had a shot. 33 in model years is 75.....sadly.

Next week: a good ol' fashioned cat fight!

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