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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fat Assing It

Holiday Christmas party at Lombardo's (home my second date w/ SB wherein he spilled water all over the table) & I accidentally ate eggplant parm. Eggplant is abhorrent. The texture is just so damn vile! However, Lombardo's does not fuck around w/ their parms. Not a hint of skin on the eggplant, sliced razor thin. Perfecto!

The ever awesome Albany Jane organized a spectacular evening w/ a grouping fantastic people at Sushi X. I'm not a seafood eater but I do enjoy going out. Plus if SB doesn't get sushi every few months, he turns into a crank monster. I had for the first time ever vegetarian sushi rolls: rice, seaweed, cucumber, peanuts & avocado. It tasted extra nummy slathered in horseradish.

Sushi X night was also SB's birthday. Free beer at Ye Olde English Pub for the birthday boy.
He drank a whole liter of Foster's!

Central Steak = salad bar, garlic mashed potatoes. SB got a hanger steak w/ a fried egg. And he was especially happy that PBR was on the drink menu.

Saturday was a pre-Hanukkah celebration w/ my brother & his family. Sis-in-law made chocolate cake w/ chocolate filling and chocolate chips. KICK ASS!

Zumba, yr my only hope!


Jon in Albany said...

These holidays are tough. My weight has been holding steady, but it took 3 weeks to work off Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday, SB. That looks like one hell of a beer.

phairhead said...

Jon: you get a choice between Strongbow or Foster's, husband chose Foster's.

Christmas cookies are thine enemy!!!

The Smirking Cat said...

That great big bowl is full of beer? I'd have been passed out under the table before I even got halfway through it!

phairhead said...

SC: yup! my husband is pretty awesome :D