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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My World is Beginning

I am a sufferer of depression and it gets progressively worse during the winter months. But one thing that keeps me going: Rankin/Bass Christmas specials. To date, I own all the ones available on DVD. I'm still waiting for The First Christmas Snow, Little Drummer Boy Part II, Jack Frost and The Life & Times of Santa Claus to be released. FINGERS CROSSED FOR NEXT YEAR!

Obviously, most people know and love "Rudolph" & "Santa" but included on my compilation DVDs are some lesser known productions. "Little Drummer Boy" is awesome because it includes a death by stabbing and fire scene.

"Nestor the Long Eared Donkey" isn't bad but the ending is ridiculous. The story goes that there was a little donkey w/ ears so long they drag on the ground and he trips over them all the time. The only thing protecting him from being euthanized is Nestor's mother. A bunch of Roman centurions come and take all the donkeys except for Nestor. But he gets the boot because his owner has lost money and help on his farm. Nestor miraculously reunites w/ his mother and then she promptly dies during a snow storm. Nestor and his guardian angel, Tilly, travel to Bethlehem so that Nestor can carry Mary, Joseph and unborn baby Jesus to the stable. Nestor's ears even act as sail on the water! Then, for some unknown reason, Nestor goes back to the farm and he's treated like a hero. What the what? How would his former owner know about Nestor and baby Jesus? Why do the other animals no longer despise his very being?

"Cricket on the Hearth" just plain sucks monkey balls! Marlo Thomas is "Bertha" and she has the world's most annoying voice EVER. And for some reason a shifty eyed sailor shoots a crow. Not to mention it has nothing to do w/ Christmas at all. Hans Conreid is the only saving grace.

Check out my awesome bookcase.

The Burgermeister Meisterburger is crashing the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer party. And Yukon Cornelius is letting him know that BM is not welcome!

Santa is trying to wave his dick around the two Bumbles but they're going to rip his head off. And I found out why Bumble has been so persecuted.