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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Folksy yet Progressive

Top Chef recap, y'all!

The cheftestants were informed that were on the road to Dallas. And no, Beverly, Dolly Parton is not from Dallas. Ms. Parton is from the Smokies.

En route to their desitination, the cheftestants were pulled over by the local good ol' boys. How dumb are these cheftestants? They honestly thought they were in trouble w/ the law....SHEESH! Anyways, the cops directed everyone to an empty cornfield where it was revealed that their Quickfire ingredients were in their trunks. Survival kit meals! Basically canned foods. AND no utensils. I object to this Quickfire! How can anyone make a tasty, nice looking plate of food w/ shit from a can? BOO!
The stinkers: Whitney and her tinny tin tinned food, Dakota and her too sweet stir fry & Chiclets Chris tofu disaster. Winning immunity and some dough was Lindsay and her Vienna sausage Saltine club sandwiches.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants were then trucked out to an affluent suburb and divided into apps, entrees and desserts to be served at a progressive dinner. A progressive dinner is when each part of a meal is eaten different houses in a neighborhood. I find this idea so intriguing! Did it originate in the 70's along w/ key parties? The hosts and hostesses were a bunch of vapid wealthy idiots. You could totally tell that Tom Colicchio thought so as well.

So far, the cheftestants have been outstanding or awful. No middle ground whatsoever. Winning dish went to Paul's appetiser of fried Brussels sprouts w/ grilled prosciutto. OH MY GOD YES YES YES!!! And packing it up was Chuy's over cooked salmon & feta crap in a corn husk.

And please, cheftestants, no more foods that look like mouldy ashy cigars.


Jon in Albany said...

I missed it. For some reason it didn't get taped. I was going to skip it and save 45 minutes of my life, but now I kind of want to see Tom with rich, dumb Texans.

phairhead said...

Oh you must! One of the hostesses wrote a book on party planning for have to see it to believe it!

Jon in Albany said...

I went back and watched it. Vapid is the correct word to describe the rich Texans. I can't believe one of them stood in front of these chefs and requested gummy bears. On TV even.

Challenge-wise, it is weak to be judging these people on desserts made in a rich person's kitchen. And the cigar thing did not look good either.

The redemption competition is on demand on through the cable box. I watched one. Nothing special. The two chef's butcher and cook some steaks. Tom takes a bit out of each. Makes a ruling. One lives to cook another day. What a waste of steak. I hope someone ate the rest of it.

phairhead said...

Jon: *sobs* poor little steaks!