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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Small Opening

Last week (and part of this week too because of inclimate weather!) was Restaurant Week here in the Electric City...that's Schenectady not Scranton, PA.

After polling a few peeps and perusing the menus, SB & I decided on checking out Aperitivo. We've never been, mostly because it's flipping expensive! And just for grins and ha-ha's my parents tagged along as well.

The decor was a bit '80's, exposed brick and a long bar. The place was packed! Right off the bat, the hostess didn't acknowledge us, I understand she was on the phone but she could have made eye contact or something.

Sadly for my mother, both the mussels and salmon were unavailable.

For the apps, there was a choice of Caesar salad or warm mozzarella over polenta. I'm a bit meh on Caesar salad because a: it's usually swimming in dressing & b: they used anchovies in it. Blech! I went w/ the polenta which is odd because I don't care for it very much. Well, now I'm completely won over. Guess I never had it prepared correctly.

For our mains, SB & I had the sausage and broccoli rabe pizza. The crust was amazing, thin & crispy, almost like a cracker. It had a great heat from the red pepper flakes as well. So so tasty! My parents had the rigatoni and Gorgonzola. Unfortunately, they let their plates sits and re-fired them because the pasta was completely dried out. I think this had to do w/ a lack of help in the kitchen.

Dessert was apple cranberry crisp, it was a bit dry. SB had the tiramisu, which he inhaled.

All of this for the low low price of $20.11. See you next year Restaurant Week!

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