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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Booger and Fries

Top Chef recap time, y'all!

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to make a non-traditional fondue & they had to judge each other's dishes. Fondue, I am so fond of you! My mother makes all these awesome sauces to go w/ her beef fondue. But she says it's a giant pain the ass, so no fondue for us these days :-( The problem w/ this Quickfire is the judging wasn't a blind taste test. I think that would have been more fair. And at the bottom of the barrel were Tiffany, Fabio & Mike. Fabio made an icky looking blini, it looked like poop. Mike's lamb kabobs were dry. Of course, he acted like a big baby & made a racist comment towards Dale. The big winner of a trip to Napa Valley (no more winning immunity!) was Dale and his phooooooo-ndue. Pho...oh my God...pho....YES YES YES! Easily one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes ever. Blais was boo hooing over his losing out on the Quickfire. Sour grapes, much? No Blais, the other cheftestants aren't "scared" of you. They just didn't like yr chocolate and banana fondue. The exact opposite of what you were supposed to make, remember, non-traditional fondue?

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants stumbled onto Jimmy Fallon's Late Night set. He wanted the cheftestants to make his favourite dishes for his birthday. The cheftestants chose at random. Poor Antonia got the beef tongue. SB & I were chatting & we've come to the conclusion that Jimmy Fallon doesn't eat beef tongue, he just wanted to have a cheftestant squirm under his tyrannical paw. But hey, Jimmy and I have the same exact food dislikes: eggplant, mayo & mushrooms. Kindred spirits! For the most part, the cheftestants performed really well. Carla and her chicken pot (chicken pot chicken pot) pie won. I prefer beef pot pie myself w/ no bottom crust. And packing it up was Fabio and his disgusting ham-booger. Homeboy decided to use ground brisket and short ribs to make the burgers. Ugh! Why? He should have just used traditional ground round or something.

Is it me or is Blais being much more of an ass this season?


Jon in Albany said...

I can't say chicken pot pie without thinking that. That's awesome.

Blais may have whiffed with the fondue, but I do think the other contestants are intimidated a little by him. Maybe not all of them, well, probably everyone but Dale. When Blais is on, I think he will be hard to beat. Problem is that he isn't always on. With a little luck, everyone left is capable of winning the whole thing.

I thought Jimmy Fallon was a good judge. He is one of the few judges whose comments were just about the food. Didn't ever put down a chef. Plus, I thought that song he did a few months ago dressed as Neil Young with Springsteen was great.

Whip my hair back and forth......

phairhead said...

Jon: i love love love love Jimmy Fallon's Little Steven Van Zandt impression. Cracks me up everytime. Every. Time.