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Thursday, June 5, 2008

love is a many splendored thing

As you can all tell I was absent yesterday. Wednesday is reserved for spending time w/ my boyfriend.

Yes after many years of braving the wilderness alone and dating every asshole known to man in the tri-state area, I have, at long last, found someone to love.

I was surprised as anyone else. Especially since I bought into the whole idea of bells and whistles and rainbows concept of love. And shame on me for doing so! It goes against every feminist principle I have beating in my heart.

No, my friends, love snuck up on me. Similar to the sun rising. Now I'm not being corny, what I mean is, you sorta see this hazy ball of light in the horizon and then slowly the entire sky is full of bright beautiful sunshine. And so it happened with me, love crept into my life without me fully realizing it.

So, for the time being Wednesday is my "day off" because I'll be nestled into a warm bed curled up in the curve of my man.


Lydia said...

every girl needs a day off...and a man to curl up into. glad you finally found yours!

Mr AwesomeSauce said...

There is no reason why a feminist cannot believe in love, it is your analogy of it being like a sunrise that is full of fail.

keeks said...

I dig the sunrise comparison, actually. And I'm an English major-y person. Rock on, poet lady.