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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tree Hugger

I got a little spring in my step this afternoon when a friend (hi dan!) informed me that GMC is closing down the manufacturing of the Hummer. I was elated and stunned "But won't that cost them money?" Nope! It's going to save GM about 15 million dollars by 2010.

Hurray! The reign of eco-terror is starting to crumble.

In all seriousness, why the fuck does anyone need to drive a Hummer? Unless you live in the mountains of West Virginia or rural Vermont, you don't need to drive that wasteful, enormous pile of scrap metal.

Also, we all know that certain cars are purchased to compensate for the underdeveloped gentleman. I'm looking at you Govenator! That moron actually owns 10 Hummers. 10! Then has the balls to get on the cover of Newsweek promoting the California "going green" campaign.

At times like this I harken back to the wisdom of Doctor Seuss and his momentual tome "The Lorax". Remember this word my friends: unless.....


Jason J Bundy said...

The Lorax rules and thank G*D we are seeing end of those pretentious eye sores: HUMMERS.

Remember when Hummers were used in the military instead of a piece of iconography?!


Lydia said...

Who in the world would name a car after a blow job? better yet, who drives around in such a car? you don't see ppl scooting around in a muffdiver or something. too bad....

oh, i linked your blog on mine (on


Mr AwesomeSauce said...

meh, ppl can drive whatever they want. I, for one, would love to drive a muffdiver. Now, the Cleveland Steamer would be a vehicle to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, great that gas guzzling is going out of style...BUT, what about the few thousand out of work GM employees?