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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tag! I'm it

My lovely and talented blogger friend Lydia of and fame has tagged me. Thank you! And you should check out her blogs, she is definitely 50 kinds of awesome.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Well 10 years to the day, I had recently graduated from Castleton State College with a useless Bachelor's Degree in Spanish. I was working at a copy shop faxing and photocopying bankruptcy documents and lamenting about my future.

2. What are 5 things on my list to do today?
a. Go to the bank to deposit my mileage check of a whopping 165.00. I despise all banking matters, why do they have to move so slowly and the ATM is not convenient. no no no.
b. Go to work. I had a busy agenda but I still had time to leave 15 minutes early. woohoo
c. Cook dinner. Tonight's feast was pork chops w/ a blueberry ginger glaze, squash and boiled potatoes with parsley and butter. Wicked easy, awesomely good. (feel free to ask for the recipe)
d. Do laundry. Total necessity as I am running low on underpants. Please not I did not use the word "panties". I loathe that word, it sounds dirty even though it isn't.
e. Paint my nails. I'm prone to depression so a half assed pedi always cheers me up. I think I'll go with "It's a Doozi, Says Suzi", a gorgeous wine color from OPI, the only nail polish I ever use.

3. Snacks I enjoy?
Oh I am the snack queen! Depends on what kind of mood I'm in, chips and salsa, popcorn, bagels, Cheese-Its, 100 calorie packs of Lorna Doones or Grasshoppers, anything my mother bakes esp. chocolate chip cookies or cherry pie, fresh berries, nuts esp. almonds, sunflower seeds, or trail mix with the chocolate in it. Wow, no wonder I can't get rid of my gut.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Hmmmm....... pay off all the debts my family and I have accumulated. And also make sure everyone was set for life with home and cars. Definitely set up trust funds for my nieces and my nephew. As person working in non-profit it always nice to give back to the community, so I'd give what I could to places like Planned Parenthood or any local agency that was in need of cash. And for purely selfish reasons, I'd be living near the water where I would never have to abide by a clock ever again.

5. 3 of my bad habits
a. Criticising people's grammar. I don't know why this gets under my skin but LORD ALMIGHTY THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS IRREGARDLESS. Heh I should take it down a notch.
b. Picking at the dry skin around my fingernails. God it's so gross and I know it but I can't stop. It feels good for some reason.
c. Being anxious about the future. My parents call me Nervous Nelly. I'm big into What If's, what if I'm in a car accident, what if the house burns to the ground, what if the sky falls. Good thing I'm in therapy.

6. 5 places I've lived
a. Schenectady, NY
b. Castleton, Vt
c. White River Junction, VT
d. West Lebanon, NH
e. Claremont, NH
I don't really like the northeast but I can't seem to get away.

7. 5 jobs I've had
a. Izod Gant- I worked for 5 dollars an hour under the table dressed as the Izod alligator waving at cars on a busy intersection. It sucked. And I met a whole lot of plushies, icky.
b. The Zone Music and Video - Best job I ever had. I watched movies and listened to CD's all day long. It wasn't like work at all. Except my boss was a total douche bag and tried to get this guy I was dating to break up w/ me and go out w/ him instead.
c. Planned Parenthood - Reasonable women's health care and safe abortions! Hurray for non-profit. I worked the front desk, thankless job.
d. Darthmouth Hitchcock Medical Center - I was an "order taker offer" on the neuroscience/ENT unit. A monkey could do the job. It was miserable and most doctors are dicks.
e. Catholic Charities AIDS Services - Where I'm at now, coordinating care for people infected with HIV and most are homeless, addicted, and fall way below the poverty line. I adore my job, it's challenging and everyday is different.

8. How did you name yr blog?
When I really like something, then it's 50 kinds of awesome. Simple and to the point.

I would tag other people like I'm supposed to but I don't know any other blogs. I don't like to hemmed in by rules anyway.


Lydia said...

Irregardless....god I totally hate that word. What's even worse? SPELL CHECK THINKS ITS A WORD!!!! WTF?

The English language is going to hell in a hand basket!

Mr AwesomeSauce said...

ain't nuthin wrong with irregardless. :)