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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heathcliff, it's me Kathy!

I've had a migraine inducing day, a day fraught with insolent clients, dimwitted co-workers, and selfish siblings. However, I slid into my CD player (yes I still used CD's and no I do not own an MP3 player) The Whole Story by Kate Bush.

I have a recent and rabid Kate Bush fan over the past year and purchasing The Whole Story first was an excellent and happenstance purchase. This particular CD is a best of/compilation and gives a great cross-section of the myriad type of music Kate Bush creates.

Random factoid #1: She was discovered at age 16 and began to work with David Gilmore of the Pink Floyd juggernaut.

Random factoid #2: Ms. Bush is an accomplished dancer as well, she studied pantomime at art school.

Random factoid #3: Kate hasn't toured since 1979. Doubt she ever will again, though she will do the odd gig here and there for charity organizations.

Hands down my favourite CD of Kate Bush has to be The Dreaming, a lush piece of art that incorporates all kinds of unusual instruments, sounds and imagery. Kate's writing ranges from literary references to bare naked confessionals. Check out "Get out of my House", a nod to the horror classic The Shining. Or for you more cerebral types "Sat in your Lap", a song about a person in search of knowledge and insight but too lazy to pursue such things.

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Lydia said...

My sister is a Kate Bush fan. I think Kate Bush and Prince are her two faves. The Red Shoes is an excellent disc that even makes my headbanging hubby happy! :)