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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Acapulco Day Three

I hate to disappoint my readers but day three was more of the same of day two. More lounging, reading, taking in the beauty of my surroundings.

With one critical exception, the tide turned and the ocean was FILTHY. I swear a dirty condom brushed up against my leg. Which prompted SexyBeast to sing the "Dirty Condom" song. The only line I can remember is "Dirty condom/Floatin' in the water...."

For supper that evening, we went to Jovito's. I find that name very strange. In the Spanish language, there is no apostrophe s. More acclimation to American and Canadian tourists I guess. SexyBeast's parents know the owner. He's a playboy gambler w/ a much younger Japanese girlfriend. Little known fact, there is a fast growing Japanese population in Mexico. SexyBeast, myself and (step)Dad had the Bricklayer, a yummy carne asada dish w/ peppers, onions, beans and rice.

SexyBeast's mom wanted to go shopping after dinner. I wanted to walk around the neighborhood. Mexican street merchants usually keep long hours. Perfect for the those late night bargains. SexyBeast and I decided we didn't feel like standing around in the street waiting on the 'rents, so we went to Barbaroja's (Red Beard's) for the 2 for 1 nightly drink specials. I didn't mention this before, but I started off this vacation w/ a head cold. For whatever reason, the thought of drinking any alcoholic beverage at was going to make me boot. So I stuck w/ soda and tried to ignore the horrible throbbing sensation on the left side of my head. Here's a tip, loud and annoying 1970's disco music does not help a pounding headache. At some point, SexyBeast's parents joined us and we sat for one more set of drinks before I crawled back to the hotel.

Sleeping w/ SexyBeast made me feel infinitely better.


Albany Jane said...

oh noes! You are a trooper! I would have been off my ass on cold medicine if I were sick and on vacation.

BTW - my hub is geeked out for The Watchmen as well. Book, done, there's evidently even a comic/cartoon done too, which was pretty sweet as well.

phairhead said...

i think the salty sea water rallied me. it's fortifying. hell on the hair though : )

anxiously awaiting the movie. since I live in schy'dy we'll end up going to the Bowtie and (I hope!) to Bangkok Thai for dinner. the beast gets cranky if he doesn't get his sushi on once a month.