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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

A few weekends ago, I went to visit my brother Pablo in Boston, MA. Though to be fair, he technically lives in Medford. I always make sure I have a little extra pocket money to go to one of the most awesome stores ever...... Trader Joe's.

My lovely and talented blogger friend Albany Jane, of, has also made mention of this truly hallowed grocery chain. Please be sure to check out her post.

I love love love their produce, their breads and cereals, the infamous 2 Buck Chuck (nationally rated wine that only costs $2.65). Of course, I have a few staples that I must always purchase: chicken taquitos, placed in a toaster oven for a mere 12 minutes and you'll swear yr in Mexico, Sweet N' Savory trail mix bars, sweet fruit and slightly salted nuts, what's not to love? And last but certainly not least, Nuts about Raspberries and Chocolate trail mix. HOLY GOD!!!! Dehydrated morsels of ripen red raspberries mixed with almonds (great for lowering cholesterol!) and peanuts (no salt added to either nut!) and chocolates chips. So yummylicious. I got a big ol' basket of groceries all for 25 bucks and some change.

Sadly, there are no local Trader Joe's in the Capital District. There's a rumour floating around the reason we are being deprived of the luxury of Trader Joe's is 'cause Trader Joe's and Aldi's are owned by the same company. And this Aldi's country. ARGH. You cannot compare Aldi's w/ Trader Joe's, blah.

Still, I have put my name down on the "Bring Trader Joe's to Albany" petition. I urge you all to do the same.


Lydia said...

I love TJs and try to go there as often as I can. It's one of the few grocery stores that Billy actually likes to go with me to. Wow--that was improper english. Whatevs, you know what I mean.

TJs has super cheap goat cheese, the best nuts, and super yummy milk. Plus greek yogurt with honey. Yummmy! Their cookies kinda rock too. Yeah, TJs is the place! :)

phairhead said...

Billy doesn't like the grocery store? was he traumatized?

Smirking Cat said...

Ew, I can't stand grocery stores either. It's a necessary evil to go grocery shopping. But nuts and chocolate trail mix...I'm a bit of an addict.

Leslie said...

I flippin' love TJ's! It's a California staple. :) One of my favorite TJ's products is the organic tea and lemonade.