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Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Bar Light, She Looked All Right. In Day Light, She Looked Desperate.

When I went to Boston to visit my brother Pablo, he finally gave me and SexyBeast our X-mas gifts. Finally! And bonus, I got more music.

However, I didn't know what the hell he gave me! Apparently, Pablo and Tamantha (my sister-in-law) we're inspired by a feature on "Sunday Morning", The Best Music of '08 that you've Never Heard of.

Pablo took a chance and it paid off. I love "The Mande Variations" by Toumani Diabate, a Malinese man that plays the kora. It's beautiful chill out music for Sunday reading the paper and drinking White Russians until you pass out on the couch. It's complex and sad and lovely.

And CD #2 is The Hold Steady and "Stay Positive". HOLY GOD!!! The first track, "Constructive Summer", sounds like "Jail Guitar Doors" by the orgasmically wonderful The Clash. Oh, wait! What did Craig Finn just sing? "Raise a toast to Saint Joe Strummer..." My love for The Hold Steady knows no bounds. They're gruff and dirty and honest. If Toumani Diabate is Sunday, then The Hold Steady is a muggy Friday night in June, hanging out in dive bars and slamming shots of Jagermeister.

Now, you must immediately purchase this fine music. Go. Now.


jess said...

The Hold Steady's playing in Albany next month.

phairhead said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I gotta go. Will I see you there?