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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Tortoise was a Model

I'm taking another siesta from the Mexican adventure. Sit back, relax and tuck into another Top Chef recap.

So apparently, Karla was a model. Say what now? As SexyBeast so eloquently stated, "Yeah, most models are ugly in real life."

All the cheftestants are in New Orleans for the finale and Fabio is looking faux-hawk fabulous. For the Quickfire, the cheftesants weren't cooking or even tasting. They just had to sweat it out while Jamie, Jeff and Leah duked it out to come back into the competition. How's that for a monkey wrench? Emeril Lagasse was guest judging for this epi. Ehhhh....... I just don't like Emeril. He's sooooo over the top and annoying. And I cannot stand the way he says the word gnocchi. Which incidentally will be the name of my next kitty. Anyways, the booted cheftestants have to make a dish using crawfish. It was close race blah blah blah yr all winners blah blah blah. And Jeff Dildo is back. Come again? Yup, that's right the dildo is back. Because Emeril liked his crawfish and grits w/ andouille. The hitch in the get along is Jeff has to win the Elimination Challenge in order to go onto the final finale.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to make 2 dishes and a drink for a Mardi Gras party and incorporate the flavours of New Orleans style cookin'. Good times, beads and masks. Whoot! And the winner was Karla. Again I say, huh? Really? I don't get it people. Karla made oyster stew (blech!), shrimp and andouille beignet (eh. not a shrimp fan) and a non-alcoholic cranberry spritzer. And going no further are 2 time loser Jeff Dildo and Fabio. Fabio had great personality but he was an uneven chef. Plus his bell pepper martini was not great and the judges were not impressed that he made muffuletta. Averiderci Fabio!

Next week, the winner!


Lydia said...

Meh. More bullshittery on Top Chef. Tom Colicchio has a major man-crush on Stefan b/c the freakish little german should have gone home for his lame gumbo and too sweet cocktail. god--who to root for? i'm still in the anyone buy douchey hosea camp, so i pretty much guaranteed his victory. grrr.

Wicked Messenger said...

Gnocchi is the name of the chef's cat on the Curious George cartoon...I watch too much NH TV.
I have to agree, Hosea rubs me and not in a good way. Not sure who I want to win, but openly admit I'm kinda a Karla fan...

Ashly Star said...

SexyBeast did state that eloquently, lol. Gotta love it.

I haven't seen Top Chef in forever. I never remember to watch anything on TV.

Oh and in regard to your comment on my blog, I LOVE Coldplay. I can see how that would be surprising too, lol.

Happy Thursday!

phairhead said...

Lydia: the only real star of Top Chef was Harold, the first and best cheftestant.

WM: heehee i know ;) that's where I got the idea for the kitty name. gnocchi for a girl and pangol for a boy. i stole that from Dr. Who

AR: i don't know if you noticed in my vacay pix SexyBeast has a Amon Amarth T-shirt on. Enjoy! by the by, Coldplay is excellent live.

metalchick666 said...

Fabio was hot though, I'd be happy watching him make canned soup.

phairhead said...

MC666: i was digging the funky hair on mr. italian man : )

jess said...

I kind of love Carla actually. I was rooting for her over Hosea. And I wouldn't say she's ugly, personally, I think she exemplifies jolie laide.