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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Wednesday

Hi y'all, time to play Top Chef recap.

This epi was all about the Superbowl shtick, me personally I could really care less about football but I digress. For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants picked a square that corresponded w/ a food "group" and a mystery ingredient. But hee hee, joke's on the cheftestants, 'cause the mystery ingredient was the same for everyone, OATS. Hee, isn't that fun?And apparently Fabio hates veggies. Bottom o' the barrel were Leah (aww man) for over cooked fish that clashedwith bacon, Fabio for being too heavy handed w/ the oat crust and Jeff for more heavy handedness. And the big time winner was Stefan and his dairy oat of banana mousseand oat petit 4. Ehh I dunna know, sounds a bit too desserty but what the heck do I know, I could eat a mountain of Kraft Mac n' Cheese.

The Elimination Challenge had the chefs going head to head w/ "all stars" from previous Top Chef seasons making regional cuisine from a football city in 20 minutes in front of culinary students. Piece of torte! As Stefan won the Quickfire, he had a choice of which city he wanted and which former cheftestant he wanted to chef against : ) And hey, looks who's in the audience, it the eliminated chefs from this season. Ugh Daniel/Danny looks terrible w/out the weird beard. Not only were the judges judging but the audience members were too, adding to the pointage for each cheftesant.

Scoring a touchdown was crazy bug eyed Carla and her gumbo representing a taste of New Orleans, she bested my cutie Andrew from Top Chef season 4. I predict this will be her last win and she will be eliminated in the next epi. And packing their knives and going is pretty boy Jeff for screwing up Miami style ceviche, he lost to Josie and her hot ceviche. Good riddance, now he can go back to home to work at Club Dildo (actually it's Dildio but dildo is such a funny word).


Lydia said...

I am glad that mr. blonde is gone. we were discussing what kind of food he would whip up at his dildo...i mean dilido. i decided it would be a hot dog shack. then i thought of super bad. all the best foods are penis shaped. just ask dethklok.

wow. totally random comment there.

phairhead said...

"I don't eat popsicles!!!"
"How about a hot dog?"
"How about a hot dog cut up into pieces?"