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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snacky Cakes

Wow! This Top Chef: Just Desserts is fast becoming a train wreck! Why can't it be about the food?

Anyways, the Yoda of Wedding Cakes was this week's guest judge. Seriously, she looked like Yoda, tiny and wizened. For the Quickfire, the cheftestants had to create a beautiful AND delicious wedding 1.5 hours. For cereal? It takes that long just for the cake to bake! But no wait, there is 3 week old cake ready for the cheftestants to use. Oh. Yummy? FYI, we're having yummy licious cupcakes courtesy of my mama. Seth was in the bottom again because wooooo shocking he decided he didn't want to make a wedding cake because he has no wedding cake experience. Well, that's no excuse. Loser. Also sucking was Malika, for some reason her cake was disintegrating. Weird! And Eric because his cake layers were horribly horribly uneven. The winner of challenge was Erika and her mocha and Kahlua tastiness. And Heather H. (the other Heather) was all sour grapes that she lost and felt she still had the better cake. Yeah, well, yr not a fucking judge, so shut it!

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants were broken into two teams to have a bake sale and raise money for either the Glee Club or the Pep Squad. So other Heather (the one I love!) felt pressured into not making a whoopie pie for fear of having too much marshmallow at their table. And then Seth INSISTED on making a financier cakes because he had to make a fancy dessert. Hey, Seth remember yr audience, it's a school bake sale. And then he said he didn't want to be up front at all around the children because he cusses too much. But apparently he meant this as a joke....even though he said it three times. Oh this team is so doomed! And they were and poor other Heather was sent home because of her simple peanut butter cookie. Too simple and made w/ a heaping helping of malice. And Eric was a winner w/ his mouth watering peanut butter and Nutella crispy bar. I'd sell my mother into slavery for that!

Good bye, Heather! You got robbed!


Jon in Albany said...
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Jon in Albany said...

There are people on these shows I do not "root for," but I rarely if ever root against someone. This is a little out of character for me, but I would like to see Seth fail. I was was happy when he accidentally added mocha flavorings to his batter, and let down when he was told his offering was "spot on." Dammit.

I can only hope this weeks elimination challenge is something Seth has never done before and he is uncomfortable with it so he in order to be his own man, he offers the judges a bowl of cherry Jello.

phairhead said...

Jon: yr awesome! I'm going to be laughing about cherry Jello all day :D