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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Smell an Imposter

I'm sorry my recap of Top Model is going to be short but I was having birthday dinner w/ my parents and in-laws last Wednesday (pasta e fagioli & black n' white cookies) and did not get home in time to watch the full episode.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters were made to look like famous fashion designers. Ugh, I really hate it when they dress the chicks up to look like dudes.

Here's the breakdown: Esther = Christophe Decarnin (sorry I don't know him!)
Chris = Betsey Johnson (LOVE BJ!!!)
Kayla = Vivenne Westwood (makes sense w/ the red hair)
Ann = Alexander Wang (again not someone I'm familiar w/)
Liz = John Galliano (beautiful clothes but he is not attractive)
Jane = Marc Jacobs (*sigh* handbags)
Chelsey = Carolina Herrerra (I keep thinking of crisp white shirts)
Kendal = Vera Wang (wedding dresses!)
And breaking Ann's winning streak was Liz. I guess it was all about the arched eyebrow. Liz is cute but such a fucking complainer. Here's a tip: life's not fair. And packing it up was Kendal's dullness.

More snarkiness next week, bitches.

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