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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hamster of the Sea

Oh Top Model! Why must you mock me so?

For some reason, horny Kasey (who has a boyfriend at home) decided to have a barbecue at the hamster mansion w/ the male models from their fallen angel photo shoot. WOW! This party was a drag, it really was like a 6th grade dance. Boys on one side, hamsters on the other. Never the twain shall meet.

For the challenge, the hamsters were strapped into a giant super duper roller coaster & posed w/ an emotion provided by Ms. Jay and hottie judge Nigel Barker. Pretty much everyone sucked, kinda hard to keep yr face on straight while going at 40 g's. Chris nearly puked on herself! But the wiener was bad attitude Liz, she won a shoot photographed by Tyra(nt) & then had some one on one time w/ her. More like cake time. Tyra was very busy eating all the petite fours to talk w/ Liz.

At the photo shoot, the chicks were laying face up in water w/ sea creatures in their hair. Cereal! I am not making this up! Winning photo went to Ann. Week #3 my gangly Amazon! And going home was Rhianna. Huh? What? Chelsey looked like a decrepit drag queen and she stays?! I don't get it. Rhianna was actually pretty. She was practically a duplicate of Ann Who Does No Wrong.

Why do I watch this show?


Leslie said...

I myself have never seen it. I'm not a big reality TV person. We don't have cable (or a TV, actually) anyway. Don't know why I just wrote that; just felt like sharing, I guess. :P

phairhead said...

Leslie: we don't have cable either :D but that doesn't stop us from downloading stuff

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