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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kitten Fight

Top Model insanity time!

For the Challenge, the hamsters were divided into 2 teams for a game of flag football & there was some familiar faces on the teams......they brought back the ousted hamsters to play and be further humiliated. Lisa got a lot of elbows to her face, not an improvement. Flags were thrown & the hamsters had to pose. Kayla had the best posings & won some blahblahblah who cares?

For the Photo Shoot, the hamsters posed in duos w/ amazing alien bad ass model Coco Rocha in a three way wrestling battling match. Angelea had a mental breakdown during the shoot. I wish she left! Bre kept screeching at the top of her lungs which annoyed the piss out of Coco. Bre, please don't disturb the talent. Photo of the week went to Dominque & I got to be honest, I'm all kinds of loving her this season. Good job, pretty lady! And getting da boot was Bre. Looking back at Bre's photos, I agree w/ this decision. She's pretty fucking awful....but at least she has cute hair. Wish that it had been a double elimination because Alexandria is stinking up the joint!

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