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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Visual Atrocities

Oh Top Model yr so awful for me!

We started off w/ some major stupidity over simple math. Lisa got very screechy w/ Bianca, completely unnecessary tension ensued for the rest of the episode. Hamsters, yr both idiots! Lisa, you got yr knickers in a twist over nothing. Bianca, don't act like yr too good for this show because you came BACK to the reality show cesspool.

For the challenge, the hamsters did a runway show for the Kardashians' new collection for Sears. There are so many things wrong w/ that last sentence. First of all, I don't believe for one second that the Kardashians designed one stitch of those tacky, ugly, leopard print, limp dick looking floppy bow shirts. The hamsters had to walk onto to a quickly rotating carousel & not try to fly into traffic while stepping back onto the runway. Lisa & Bre won the entire ugly ass collection for having the "best" walks.

For the photoshoot, the hamsters were greeted by LaToya Jackson. Secretly, LaToya is my favourite Jackson! She's just so weird & spacey but really charming & sweet. The hamsters all posed as various incarnations of the self-proclaimed King of Pop. It was weird &.....weird. LaToya also chose best picture of the week which went to Laura. Ugh. Not so much. And packing it up was no one! That's right, Lisa, the hyper kinetic jack ass & drag queen Angelea got to stick around for another week. Despite, the fact they both looked just awful. Poor Allison, my sweet little alien. She was in black face basically & kinda looked like a Fat Albert character.

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