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Monday, October 10, 2011

Way Back When

1. What do you remember most about your 3rd grade teacher (if it's nothing, you are welcome to substitute any teacher you had in grades 1-5)? My 3rd grade teacher was Sue Chew. I iiked her, the epitome of what a 3rd grade teacher should be: big smile, patient as Job & made learning fun. Sometime after Easter of that year (1984) Mrs. Chew went out on maternity leave & was replaced by a horrid horrid substitute. Substitute was the sister of our principal, Sister Ann Marie. Substitute was a former nun & didn't know what the fuck she was doing! She had no teaching style, she wanted to be exactly Mrs. Chew.....she had the "Zelig" syndrome if you will. I learned nothing & my mother actually bitched her out on it! Thankfully, I got very ill & was out for the last 3 weeks of school.

2. Where did you meet your first love? Geology class, it was sloppy, crazy mess as most 1st loves are!

3. What kind of car did your parents have when you were in grade school? The car we had the longest was a grayish blue station wagon, my brothers & I nicknamed it the "Chuck Wagon". I loved to lay down in what we referred to as the back back.

4. Who did you look up to in elementary school? My brothers! I idolized them, wanted to be around them all the time, wanted to show them off to everyone in my class.

5. Who were the hot celebrity idols of your childhood? I loved Matt Dillon & George Michael. Matt was my 1st pin up & George was the 1st famous guy I wanted to marry.

6. What was the biggest clothing trend of your middle school years? Leggings and over sized sweaters....and fun socks. I had a ton of bright socks w/ adorable things sewn onto them.

7. Tell us something about your childhood that you just cannot figure out to this day. I was obsessed w/ finding "replicants". I thought certain people were actually lizard aliens.......these thoughts went into hyper-drive around my parents if they were being too nice.

8. What was the best birthday you ever had? #10....big party, chocolate cake, good mom made a stick mouth on a jack o' lantern instead of pin the tail on the donkey.


Jo Black said...

Visiting from Monday Mayhem....
I remember leggings and oversized sweaters too! And I think EVERYONE's mom had a station wagon..


phairhead said...

Ahoy hoy

Sub Radar (Mike) said...

Your memory is a lot sharper than mine, that's for sure!

Jon in Albany said...

I seriously crushed on my 3rd grade teacher.

phairhead said...

Mike: thanks, it's why I love to write

Jon: aw!

Rosanne said...

Miss Glenn! She tired to convince me I had a calling from God to be a nun! Can you imagine!

I am Harriet said...

I love that name- Sue Chew. You don't forget that- or the sub.

thanks for playing!

Teresa Kander said...

Replicants? I love it! LOL

phairhead said...

Rosanne: that is frightening!

Harriet: I know! the poor thing!

Teresa: i blame the mini-series "V" :D