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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Intergalatic Planetary

Top Chef recap time!

Katzie and Sally hate it each other. If you want to play a fun drinking game, take a shot every time they roll their eyes at each other.

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to make a dessert out of a root vegetable. They had kick it root down if you know what I'm saying. Sucking it hard were Rebecca and her over cooked French fries w/ chocolate and Carlos' nasty celery root and peanut butter pudding. And winning immunity was Sally's mango pudding w/ tumeric and spiced popcorn. That's kinda awesome actually....but I still immensely dislike Sally!

For the Elimination Challenge, the Beastie Boys' Ad Rock is in the house! The cheftestants had to pick foods mentioned in Beastie Boys lyrics. None of the food was dessert, all savoury. After each cheftestant chose their grub, they had to chose one more item for a fellow contestant. A sabotage if you will. I don't envy the chestestants at can you make canned ravioli into a dessert?

And in case you guys need a reason to hate Sally, she's a close a personal friend of Top Chef's Season Two resident asshole Marcel. Do I really need to say anymore?

I am also of the opinion that Orlando sucks monkey balls. He had the easiest foods to turn into dessert: rum, coffee n' cream, and peas. But that sneaky little bitch used store bought cookies. Seriously?! Store bought? I would have sent him home but that honour went to Rebecca and her nasty falafal panna cotta. Goodbye, Rebecca, you've kinda sucked for a while now.

Cutie Pie Matthew won w/ his cornbread and mashed potato cheesecake & gravy foam. If knew it was gonna be that kind of party, I would stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes!

By the by, Mike D is way cuter than Ad Rock....I'm Mike D back from the dead. Chillin' on beach down in Club Med.


Mo said...

I love top chef. Nothing more to add :p

Jon in Albany said...

My mom threw away my best porno mag. Dammit.

Gravy foam...surprised Marcel (jackass) hadn't used that already. Didn't he foam everything? Matt's dish looked like it would be unique.

I did need a reason to not like Sally. She initially seemed decent enough. Here she really came off as petty and mean. Could be creative editing, but she certainly came off as a villain.

Katzie, fresh off of back to back wins makes fries and dipping sauce? And while I certainly understand that falafel is not the easiest thing to use as the base of a dessert, the garlic component had to be understated. Rebecca seems nice, maybe a little ditzy, but nice. Hope your hand feels better.

phairhead said...

Marcel and his baby spit up foams! Boo!

Agree about Katzie....French fries? Really? *shakes head in shame*